Canadians missed 9.1 days of work for personal reasons in 2011

Public sector and unionized workers most likely to miss work


New figures compiled by Statistics Canada show eight per cent of Canadians with full-time jobs skipped out of work for personal reasons during an average week last  year. In all, full-time employees lost an average of 9.1 days in 2010 for personal reasons, down from 9.5 days in 2009, but up significantly from eight days in 2000. Public sector workers were much more likely to miss work, skipping 11.8 days of work time in 2010 for personal reasons, compared with 8.2 days for their private-sector counterparts. Unionized employees were similarly more likely to miss work. Full-time workers who belonged to unions, or who were covered by collective agreements, missed an average of 12.9 work days for personal reasons in 2010, compared with 7.3 days for their non-unionized counterparts.

Canadian Press

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Canadians missed 9.1 days of work for personal reasons in 2011

  1. Saying that unionized and public sector workers are ‘skipping work’ for personal reasons is misleading at the least.  If your contract includes paid time off for things like medical appointments and meetings with your child’s teachers, it is not ‘skipping work’.  Of course you have to arrange with your supervisor to be out of the office at those times.  As long as these procedures are followed, it is not ‘skipping work’ any more than taking time off for a vacation is ‘skipping work’.

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