Canadians mostly like their health care

Poll shows we have more access to health care, longer waiting times


The U.S. health-care debate is dominated by dark warnings about the flaws of the nationalized Canadian system. But apparently somebody forgot to tell Canadians that their system is a socialistic nightmare. A new Ipsos-McClatchy online poll shows that Canadians, overall, are happier with their health-care than Americans are with theirs, at least when it comes to access: almost two-thirds of Canadian respondents say that they have access to the care they need at a price they can afford, compared to less than half of U.S. respondents. One U.S. warning, however, may be true — most Canadians say they have to wait a long time to see a specialist, and they’re often kept waiting for appointments. On the other hand, of course, it’s easier to have shorter waiting times if nobody gets treated.

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Canadians mostly like their health care

  1. How is this news?? Did you just copy paste the Romanow Report? Because I'm pretty sure it's been the same story for the late 7 or 8 years.

  2. I'm a canadian living in the US. I'm willing to bet that most canadians answering the polls have never had healthcare elsewhere. I can see the benefit and downfalls of both systems. The Canadian system does have longer waiting times, but no body is worried about getting sick. In the US you can see a specialist at the drop of a hat, but there are plenty of older American or those who have serious medical problems that fear getting sick and losing their house or retirement. Americans will not be happy with the Canadian system, if only because they are used to their current system. There has also been alot of fear mongering of the American general public recently, and the Americans I've spoken to are afraid they will have their health care taken away from them. The American government has alot to do to educated their general public about the future plans for health care.

  3. Funny headline for the numbers.

    Average them out and the US scores better. The only one Canada wins on is "I currently have access to all of the health care services I need without it costing me more than I can afford", and even on that one our supposedly universal health care just scores 65%, meaning for every two that can get affordable care in Canada there is one that cannot.

    Canada's scores on wait times are miserable (74% report waiting a long time to see a specialist).

    Yet somehow the headline states we mostly like our health care. Yeah, right.

    With numbers like that, you'd think we'd be reforming our system too. Canadians have been brainwashed to accept mediocre care.

    • Health Care in the US is actually the Health Industry, not designed to make people well but insure a profit….A full Mastectomy is an out patient surgery, thanks to our Insurance Companies…I have women come to me after just being released with bandages and tubes hanging out of the bandages…They just lost their breasts for God's sake…They are not physically, nor emotionally ready to leave the hospital…I visited an elderly woman dismissed the NEXT DAY after major back surgery, to go home alone without any one to care for her…She told them she was not ready to go home…they dismissed her…
      There is a sickness of greed and ignorance…Humanity has to achieve a higher place of significance…if we are going to survive the barbaric idea's of those that would dare dispose of it….

  4. I don't particularly care if I have to 'wait' for healthcare – I know that at least I won't have to pay money for it!!! As a student, there is absolutely no way I could afford going to the doctor and getting my pills. Thank gosh for our health system.

  5. Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Several years ago my husband was diagnosed with this disease. We learned that it is genetic and he inherited it from his mother. His twin brother did not apparently. I did a lot of research on it and joined a US support group. Many in the support group expressed fear that if their HMO knew that they had this disease, their insurance would not cover their children.

    As I said, its been several years and I can't recall all the details. Try getting insurance in the US if you have a pre-existing condition. I'll take our health care system over the US one any day. Ours is not perfect, but at least we don't fear bankruptcy. Also, I'm old enough to remember what it was like before we had Health Care. I'm one of 6 children and even with my father's crown corp job & health insurance, additional costs almost bankrupted our family. Look before you leap.

  6. I'd rather wait to see a doctor, than not be able to afford to see one at all. More and more people in the U.S. have no health care and can't afford to see a doctor or afford their medecine. And people with insurance may still go bankrupt if they get kicked off their insurance when they get sick which happens all the time. Or their insurance refuses to pay for some of their treatment. Last year, blue cross made more money than ever insuring less people. Insurance companies spent millions last year fighting health care reform and lying about death panels etc. to kill the bill because they would lose their gravy train if it is seriously reformed. Luckily the Republicans saw to it that no public option was adopted. Thanks.