Canadians oppose Afghan mission extension

But controversy over detainees not hurting Conservatives


Slightly more than a quarter, or 28 per cent, of Canadians would support extending Canada’s mission in Afghanistan past 2011, while the mission itself has the support of 36 per cent of Canadians. Meanwhile, opposition to the mission in Afghanistan appears to have hardened. Echoing the results of a poll from last summer, a full 54 per cent of Canadians don’t want Canadian troops involved in the war and 60 per cent oppose extending its end date past July 2011. Opposition to the mission was fiercest in Ontario and Quebec and support was strongest in the Prairies. But while controversy over operations in Afghanistan, specifically detainee transfers, continue to dog the federal government, support for the Conservatives gained 1.4 points over the past week to end up at 33.6 per cent, while the Liberals polled at 27.3 per cent, the NDP at 15.9 and the Greens at 11.7.

CBC News

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Canadians oppose Afghan mission extension

  1. sounds about right to me : the opposition parties love the detainee issue as it allows them to spend all their time allegation bla, bla, bla, bla .. evil meanie cons .. allegation bla, bla, bla some might have said and may have this or may have not that (not one piece of actual evidence yet outside of the shoe ROFL!- in the meantime what they are really doing is avoiding the central issue which is their own poltical cowardice because if they really meant what they said = they could use their opposition day to introduce a confidence motion and bring the gov't down – BUT – they haven't yet and they won't and why you ask? = POLITICAL COWARDICE! .. case closed .. you can thumb me down all you want but you know it's true – the hypocrisy of their posuition only solidifes harpers in a weird way it is to Harpers advantage that this continue as this way he gets to avoid real issues that are relevant and current to canadians! ROFL – you gotta love canadian politics!

    • I pretty much agree with you. Iggie turned out to be almost as big a dud as the nutty professor did. He keeps talking about "big ideas" and does endless navel gazing but I have let to hear him articulate anything much different from current government policy. The Libs flogged the "hidden agenda" for as long as they could so now they are trying to blame the "Evil Harper" for personally turning the thumb screws on Taliban prisoners. Again Iggie has no alternate to turn Afgans over to Afgans. What should our troops have done? Shipped them to Canada and set up our own Gitmo? Man, can you imagine the Lib "outrage" over that? That's all they got. No wonder Iggie can't get any traction. He's flogging a fake issue that frankly, the Tim Horton's crowd could care less about. The only one's who care are the chattering classes, pretentiously sucking lattes at Starbucks, pretending to be doing something important on their laptops. Cheers

  2. The new EKOS poll reveals much about the crumbling prospects of the Liberal party, despite widespread disapproval of extending the Afghan mission. There are many stories to tell. Read more at http://battlelight.blogspot.com.

  3. A more telling question to ask of Canadian would be "can you explain what the mission in Afghanistan is and what is happening over there?"

    I'd wager that, given news media reports are limited to body counts and glib reports on the latest roadside explosion, most Canadians don't really have a clue about what is going on over there. So whether or not they support it should be irrelevant….. unless you have a government that is forming foreign policy based on polling data…

    • I think Canada is there to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by America pre- and post-invasion, prop up a corrupt narco-government, fight the Taliban and look the other way to torture and prisoner disappearances.

      It's very cyclical to Afghanistan.

  4. The issue seems to have gone beyond just Afghanistan now. It has become who has supremacy in Canada – the PMO or the elected Parliament.

    Prime Minister has made decided his 'office' organization is the only one that can be trusted with 'national security' documents. The representatives of the People of Canada dispute that and demand access to them. Speaker Millikan is thrust into a position of making a difficult decision.

    If Harper wants to run an Imperial Office – controlling all and sharing only the matters he decides to share it would be best he remember the first guy to do that was named Charley Stuart and some other feller named Oliver removed his head for dissing Parliament.

  5. I am a military MOM, 1 of my brainwashed boys has been and the other going to AFganistan, I think my first one has finally understood….you cannot help these people….FORGET IT!!!! let's work on our immigration and better our own country….Our boys and girls should come home now!!!! Stop wasting lives and our money. I say let's get a referendum going and see what should be done if our corrupt government cannot figure it out on their own. But you know that won't happen…hidden agenda perhaps????

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