Canadians owe government $25 billion

Overdue taxes amount to more than half of national deficit


For those individuals and businesses who still owe taxes to the government, the total sum now owed is $25 billion—a figure which could cut the national deficit in half if collected. That amount represents an increase of more than 35 per cent over the total owing five years ago, the Ottawa Citizen reports. A spokesperson for the Canada Revenue Agency emphasized that the sum is a “snapshot” that reflects debt accumulated over several years.

Ottawa Citizen

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Canadians owe government $25 billion

  1. C'mon, now… you know I'm good for it. You know I'll pay you back. How come you're giving me a hard time? I swear, in a couple weeks, I'll have your money. Couple weeks, three maximum. C'mon. Give me a break.

    • Jimmy don't three weeks, capiche?

    • Sure – waddya prefer we break? Arm or leg?

  2. A flat-tax is the fairest, most 'progressive' if that's important to you, form of taxation. A 1% or 99% tax across the board that everyone pays regardless of the size of their income would give everyone a stake in government.
    The present system encourages voters to 'make someone else pay' for them, that results in big bloated governments that go broke because the politicians who tell these voters they'll make someone else pay their way also don't mind borrowing billions and making future Canadians pay for wasteful spending.

    • That is the most confused version of taxes I've ever heard.

      • Wow. I'll try to make it more simple for you – everyone, regardless of the amount of their income, would pay the same percentage in tax.

        If everyone paid tax, then everyone would want good government, not just government that gives them stuff.

        I hope that is simple enough for you, it would be hard to explain it more simply.

        • BS. Progressively increased taxes are a given in a non-feudal society.

        • I know what it means dude….you've just gotten it all confused with your idiot ideology.

          • You believe good government is an ideology? It's actually a founding principle of the Canadian nation. Grow up.

    • As long as tax exceptions also disappear. Everyone pays the same rate and government sets tax levels according to legitimate expenditures.
      Unfortunately too many will still cheat . Until consequences become motivational to desist, they will likely habitually do so.
      The other draw back is that consumption taxes would have to be wiped out based on principle.

      • Absolutely exceptions should disappear, and getting rid of consumption taxes would be a good thing too, that's not a drawback.

        • Consumption taxes are even less anti-middle class than income taxes– what are you smoking Phil?

  3. Where are those Generation X guys that were so angry about the Baby Boomers leaving their debt behind? This is a quick fix. Now, all the govt. has to do is fine every person who is late an equal amount to what they owe and we have an extra 25 billion dollars. How easy!

    • FREE JETS!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! (kidding…)

  4. Let's see now. $25B in tax arrears, $18B for F35's, $?B for Afghan invasion, $2.6B to upgrade F-18's, $2B for new prisons, $1B loan to Vale, $?B outstanding bail-out loan to GM, $?M in tax evasion deposits overseas, $1B summit security etc etc etc.
    Just a short list to show how little our federal debt should really be.

    • True Harperites want to starve the beast, deficits be damned doncha know.

  5. I suspect it's more than 25 billion. Those who can least afford it pay the full amount. Those with the most, use every legal and illegal means to avoid paying what they should.

    • This is why it's more worth the CRA's time and money to pick on millions of little guys who can't fight back or appeal, instead of going after the super-rich who lawyer-up and make the gov say "forget it, we'll make more in terms of time and $ spent picking on the masses."

  6. Unless millionaires and billionaires are shopping at Walmart and Price Chopper, consumption taxes are actually the most fair way to impose taxation. Want to buy store-brand salad dressing? Fine, pay the same tax as us schlubs. Want to buy gourmet stuff, and then buy a diamond tennis bracelet later? Fine, pay more tax AS A SAME PROPORTION of the cost. I don't give a crap about my "points" ratings on my comments, but I can't believe I've got a negative on my pro-consumption tax comment above. What part of "taxes like death will ALWAYS be with humanity so make them as non-punishing as possible" do folks not understand?