Canadians say Remembrance Day important, don’t show it

Most do not participate in the annual commemoration, survey shows


Only just over a third of Canadians take part in Veterans’ Week, for example by participating in a local Remembrance Day ceremony, even though a majority says it’s important to honor veterans, the Ottawa Citizen reports. “While two-thirds of respondents … indicate that they make an effort to demonstrate their appreciation to Veterans, reported participation in Veterans’ Week activities is much lower,” reads a summary statement of the survey conducted by Ipsos-Reid for the federal government.

The Ottawa Citizen

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Canadians say Remembrance Day important, don’t show it

  1. Odd — Global news reported that more Canadians are attending Remembrance Day ceremonies every year…at least since we have been in Afghanistan.  The Calgary ceremonies were full at the Jubilee Auditorium and downtown…perhaps the poll is incorrect?

    • It may depend on what they count as participating. A good many can’t physically attend because – it not being a national holiday – they have to work on the 11th and they may not be aware of the other ceremonies that take place at other times during the week. Many watch ceremonies on TV instead; arguably a form of remote participation, but one that may not get counted.
      And at my office, as in most offices across Canada, they have two minutes of silence. Where I work, there are no conversations – nor even a keyboard click – to be heard during those two minutes.

      • OTOH, in many provinces (BC is one) Remembrance Day has become just another stat holiday – no wonder there is little participation in the ceremonies. When I was groing up, Nov. 11th was just another school/working day, except that EVERYTHING stopped at 11:00 for 2 minutes – and what a long time 2 minutes can be, especially for a 10-year-old! Not only was there silence in the classroom, all TRAFFIC stopped, the whole world came to a halt for those 2 minutes. I am told this is how it was celebrated in London this year. I believe R.D. is at least a government holiday in most provinces where it is not a stat. I think this has debased its significance; we should return to the original, British style so that 2 minutes can have real impact.

  2. November 11th is remembrance day,  yet the public emphasis is on those who were members of the armed forces and ‘demonstrating  appreciation for these Veterans.  While this is important,  it leaves out those who were in the thick of war providing essential services and supplies even though they were not members of the armed forces.  For example – this past week on a TV program about the war in the Atlantic during WW2, stated that ‘unarmed’ merchant navy, who transported the essential supplies across the Atlantic, lost more sailors than any branch of the military – yet they are not  included in these “Remembrance day ceremonies” and those who survived are ignored in that they are excluded from membership the Naval service and social clubs.
    In my opinion, these remembrance day ceremonies should include ALL who gave their lives for their country and our freedom.

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