Canadians should embrace "boisterous displays of nationalism" -

Canadians should embrace “boisterous displays of nationalism”

Stephen Harper asks Canadians to shed their national modesty


In a speech before the B.C. Legislature Thursday, Stephen Harper urged Canadians to forget their traditionally quiet nature and join together to loudly cheer our Olympians on to gold. “Patriotism, ladies and gentlemen, patriotism as Canadians,” he said “should not make us feel the least bit shy or embarrassed.” And while he acknowledged “that thoughts of grandeur and boisterous displays of nationalism, we tend to associate with others,” he insisted that “we should never cast aside our pride in a country so wonderful, in a land we are so fortunate to call home, merely because the notion has sometimes been abused.” Harper then set the example himself, unrolling a large Canadian flag and enthusiastically chanting “Go, Canada, Go!”

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Canadians should embrace “boisterous displays of nationalism”

  1. Patriotism, not Nationalism, Mr. Harper. The latter is a the vicious extreme, the former is the virtuous mean.

    Let's not obscure the difference.

    • For heaven's sake, G. It's the Olympic Games not Hitler's Youth.

  2. It's difficult to show patriotism when the leader of the parade is an absolute doorknob. Yes, that's you, Harper.

    • could be worse, stephane dion, jack layton. iggy

      • no it could not be worse.

        • yes it can, and i forgot to mention gilles duceppe
          harper rules, who better than a person with a masters in economics to run a country when the economy is the number one priority

    • What about all the Canadian athletes who are participating in the games? Don't they deserve a show of support from their countrymen, regardless of who or what leads Canada?

  3. This from a guy who once called Canada a "second rate socialist country"???

    Getting medals at the Olympics is largely about how much money you have to throw at training. That's why poor countries rarely get medals. If the athletes want to devote their lives so that they can be 1/1000 of a second faster than everyone else, fine. But when Harper wants me to mindlessly wave the flag, the term for that is mindless tribalism.

    • Gee, Dad. When your children play on a hockey team, do you sit in the stands thinking, "Screw cheering the kids on…that's just mindless genetic prejudice."

  4. "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." –
    — Albert Einstein

    • From the man who encouraged the President of the United States to begin constructing an atomic bomb.

      • In November 1954, five months before his death, Einstein summarized his feelings about his role in the creation of the atomic bomb: "I made one great mistake in my life… when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification – the danger that the Germans would make them."

  5. Too bad multiculturalism destroyed any single identity of being "Canadian"…

    • none of us were here in the olde days when canada first started …i would guess many of them thought of themselves like british subjects considering our flag was the union jack and the money said bank of british north america

  6. Canadian Identity! Ha! What a joke! Once again, whenever Canada goes on display to the world, its identity is a hodgepodge mess of cultural theft. The Opening of the Olympics is prime example. I didn’t know Canada was so Aboriginal. The truth is that nobody respects the first nations, nobody would want to be them if they have a choice in Canada, but whenever Canada needs an identity, haul out the aboriginals to do their song and dance. And please go away when the world isn’t looking. Toss in some French, and East coast Celtics and that’s Canada? Multiculturalism is not to be blamed, because One Unifying Idea still escapes us since Confederation. Well, except hockey. Now isn’t that sad? People chasing a puck around with sticks…at least it is not ice fishing