Canadians spend most time online in the world -

Canadians spend most time online in the world

‘It’s just absolutely crazy how passionate Canadians are about YouTube’


Canadians spend more time online than the residents of any other country, according to usage tracking company comScore, which also s aid Canada had the highest penetration of Internet access. In all, Canadians spend an average of more than 2,500 minutes online each month, the equivalent of nearly 42 hours. Canadians also check Wikipedia more often, and watch more videos online. In fact, Canucks average 147 videos each month compared to 100 per U.S. viewer. “In Canada, YouTube per capita consumption of video is No. 1 in the world,” says Google Canada’s Chris O’Neill. “It’s just absolutely crazy in terms of how passionate Canadians are about YouTube.”

The Globe and Mail

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Canadians spend most time online in the world

  1. It's not passion but boredom that makes canadians spend so much time on the internet.

  2. It could be we watch so much YouTube (and spend more time online) because the regular TV we have access to is such an unmitigated, fetid pile of crap.
    I literally put my TV to the curb 3 years ago.
    Instead of endless soul destroying ads for shampoo and pick-up trucks, and mindless "reality" shows, the time I spend online is either watching good documentaries and comedies, or continuously learning about the subjects of my interest.
    I'm continuosly learning….and it's content of my choosing, compared to TV.
    When I had a TV, all I would do is sit and curse at the endless dreck.
    I'll never go back.

  3. That's because we have far higher levels of civil servants vegetating in their offices with computers, mostly on restricted sites and running home businesses, between breaks.