Canadians stuck in Gaza -

Canadians stuck in Gaza

Israel intensifies their offensive


Canadians stuck in Gaza

The CBC is reporting that some 39 Canadians remain stuck in Gaza despite efforts to shepherd them away from the conflict zone. The initial plan was to bus foreigners in Gaza, including the Canadians, across the the border into Israel, but officials turned the bus back at the border point, claiming it was too dangerous. Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesperson, told the broadcaster he was “hopeful that it will happen today. We want to get those people out. They shouldn’t be caught up in the conflict if at all possible.”

Meanwhile, Israeli troops have intensified their ground offensive into Gaza, leaving at least 20 more dead. Though a senior Hamas leader has claimed that “victory is coming” for his group, Israel insists Hamas has been hit “hard” and that its incursion will continue unabated. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has categorically rejected calls for an immediate ceasefire, saying Israel is “fighting with terror and we are not reaching an agreement with terror.”

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Canadians stuck in Gaza

  1. Any idea if these are real Canadians or are they like the ‘Canadians’ we had to rescue a couple of years ago during Lebanon war.

    Victory for Hamas is a very low bar indeed. As far as I can tell, as long as at least one Hamas member is still standing when Israelis are finished kicking their arses, then Hamas claims ‘victory’ because they still exist.

    • what constitues a real Canadian jwl?

      • Immigrants who actually want to live, work and prosper here or people who are born within Canada.

        I am unimpressed with immigrants who stay here just long enough to meet residency requirements and than move back to wherever they are from and use Canada as a bolt hole when the sh*t hits the fan.

        • whose approval should they get first? and are they allowed to travel at all? what if they are travelling for work?

  2. Yeah. Those Arizona snowbirds are such a pain.