Cancer-stricken Clifford Olson reportedly near death

Child killer may have days to live


Convicted child-killer Clifford Olson is dying of cancer, Vancouver radio station CKNW reported Wednesday. The mother of one of Olson’s victims told the station that Corrections Canada told her the man may have days to live. Olson is serving 11 concurrent life sentences. He pleaded guilty to a series of murders in B.C in 1981. Sharon Rosenfeldt, whose 16-year-old son was one of Olson’s victim, says she was told Olson has been transferred from prison to a hospital in Laval, Que.

Canadian Press

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Cancer-stricken Clifford Olson reportedly near death

  1. 30 years and millions wasted on this piece of garbage. 

  2. They should’ve just let him croak on the floor of his jail cell.  Come to think of it, they should’ve just let one of his prison inmates off him years ago. 

  3. Olson should have gotten 275 years with no chance of parole (none of this “concurrent sentence” palaver combined with faint hope clauses and parole applications) and he should have had to shut the frig up and just do his time. I’m against the death penalty though, due to innocent people sometimes getting falsely accused and convicted of murder (ie. Milgaard, Marshall and Morin, and also Dalton, Druken and Parsons in Newfoundland).

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