Canucks shut-out from 100 best chefs list

Food blogger offers some advice: “crack a Moosehead and chillax”


Usually the statement “Canadians are pissed” accompanies a discussion of softwood lumber. But this time, the outrage stems from the forthcoming book, Coco: 10 World Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs, according to New York magazine’s food blog “Grub Street.” In the book, big-name chefs, among them Ferran Adrià, Mario Batali, Fergus Henderson and Alice Waters, are asked to name their favorite emerging toques. When the list was 99 per cent complete, sans a Canadian, Shaun Smith, a Canadian chef turned food writer, wrote a letter to publisher Phaidon signed by famed chef Susur Lee and a couple dozen others in the industry, asking them to ³look Northward to Canada to fill that last spot.² Alas, the final spot has been filled, and it’s London chef Anthony Demetre. Phaidon has distanced itself from the dust-up saying there was no editorial interference in the selection. Grub Street observes such choices are never objective and offers some advice to the aggrieved Canucks: “crack a Moosehead and chillax.”

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Canucks shut-out from 100 best chefs list

  1. Canadians are always whinging, it is a bad national trait that I wish we would stop. Does the list say where the chefs work? The best food in the world can be had in Spain and Singapore.

  2. I'm not all that bothered by the absence of Canadians. I'm probably more bothered by the fact that of the 12 people who have the designation of Iron Chef (TM), only one is mentioned.

  3. At least in my experience, the only substantial whining comes from media and a few troublemakers.. If anything, most Canadians are too relaxed, allowing insults and exploitation to pass by unremarked. The final 'solution' to the lumber issue he mentioned is a classic example. Perhaps it is a good thing that our media whines on our behalf? We might 'chillax' and let the thieves take the furniture we're sleeping on otherwise.

  4. Canadians are only "pissed" when they drink too much. When they get annoyed, they get "pissed off."

  5. Considering our greatest achievement in food is poutine, I think Canada should join the British in the culinary special Olympics.

  6. I ate here in Toronto recently and it was good, but not good enough to make the top-100 and it's one of Canada's best…

  7. I ate here in Toronto recently and it was good, but not good enough to make the top-100 and it's one of Canada's best…

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