Capt. Robert Semrau’s sentencing postponed -

Capt. Robert Semrau’s sentencing postponed

Canadian soldier convicted of shooting a wounded Taliban fighter will learn his fate Sept. 21


Two months ago, a military court-martial convicted Capt. Robert Semrau of “disgraceful conduct” for shooting a wounded, unarmed Taliban fighter in Afghanistan. The 36-year-old Saskatoon native, who is staring at a potential five-year prison term, was supposed to be sentenced tomorrow morning. But the Department of National Defence announced this afternoon that the much-anticipated hearing has been postponed for two weeks, until Sept. 21, because the judge is unavailable for “medical reasons.” Semrau was the first Canadian soldier ever charged with homicide in a war zone, but a four-man jury of his peers found him not guilty on the three most serious charges he faced: second-degree murder, attempted murder, and negligent performance of a military duty. Along with potential jail time, the disgraceful conduct conviction could be the end of his career in the army.

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Capt. Robert Semrau’s sentencing postponed

  1. This should never have gone to trial.
    I am a 60 year old man with no military service. When I was younger, I believed it wrong to kill a fatally wounded soldier, friend or foe. I have thought and meditated on this kind of action for over twenty years. Now I believe it to be the honourable and right action, of a good soldier.
    Thousands of years of moral military conduct has been condemned because some blabbermouth spoke; some blabberjournalist brought it to the public's attention; some military peers judged in a politically correct fashion: disgraceful conduct from them all.
    We await the judge's call: I pray this case has not made him ill.
    Shame on everyone but Captain Robert Semrau: he surely did not awaken that morning hoping to kill a man, laid helpless on the ground.
    I hope his superiors have the wisdom of Solomon, the hearts of lions and the mercy of God to resolve this soldier's plight.
    May God strengthen Captain Semrau and his family during this time.
    Kevin R. McNiff
    Toronto, Ontario

  2. What part of "kill the enemy before he kills you" is NOT what war is all about ? ? This trial should never have happened. It is an embarrassment not only to the Canadian Military but to Canadians as a whole. Semrau should get a BONUS. What if that enemy had a hidden knife or gun on him and with his last bit of energy shot or knifed a Canadian soldier? This whole scenario is a disgrace. The soldier that accused Semrau should be Dishonourably Discharged ! I am usually a pacifist, but the less Muslim fundamentalists the better.