Carnage in Afghanistan -

Carnage in Afghanistan

Four Canadian soldiers and a Calgary journalist are killed in an IED attack in Kandahar


Four Canadian soldiers, along with Calgary Herald journalist Michelle Lang, were killed in an IED attack in Kandahar on Wednesday. The recently-engaged Lang, 34, was nearly three weeks into a six-week stay in Afghanistan when she was killed while traveling with a provincial reconstruction team. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle’s fiance Michael and her beloved parents,” said Dennis Skulsky, the president and CEO of Canwest Publishing. “Michelle, along with being an award winning journalist was also much beloved by her colleagues at the Calgary Herald, Canwest News Service and across our organization. This loss is immeasurable.” Eight American civilians also died in Afghanistan on Wednesday after a separate attack on a U.S. military base near Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan. Canadian military authorities have yet to release the names of the Canadian soldiers who died along with Lang. Their deaths bring the total number of Canadians killed in Afghanistan to 138.

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Carnage in Afghanistan

  1. My thought's and prayers go out to the family's of the fallen…

  2. God bless them all.What a horrible time for the familes, to start a new year.

  3. Soldier rest! thy warfare o'er,
    Sleep the sleep thast knows not breaking,
    Dream of battled fields no more,
    Days of danger, nights of waking.

    Sir Walter Scott

  4. Truly sad and heart breaking. But it just raises my level of anger at Harper. Parliament must be addressing this useless war and needless deaths but Stevie is too busy trying to save his own posterior. Closing down parliament when there are so many pressing urgent issues is egregious . Even Mulrony would not have closed shop at such an important time. Ottawa is broken. Climate denying creationsts , neocons usually do not make good responsible governments.

    • "Climate denying creationists… ?" – yes there are many pressing and urgent issues on the national and world stages – but somebody falling for the travesty of the Cop15 circus of global misinformation and manipulation we just had to endure hardly qualifies as an arbiter for responsible good government!

  5. Full condolances the the bereaved. Full respect to the military.

    Critising the war and the government is not dis-loyal nor even unpatriotic.

    But will Harper send more troops while shutting down democracy?. I think he will.

    Deepslope your post is innapropriate and deeply insulting to Canadian troops.

    • I did not see any mention of Canadian troops in deepslope comment . Could you explain how did he insult them?

  6. What I find most upsetting is that the casualties were on a mission of buying the heart and mind of the population and not on a search and destroy mission. But the main thing is that not even one insurgent was slapped or mishandled. That makes the Taliban stooge R. Colvin happy while sitting safely in Washington and disparaging the Canadian military and government.