Carole James quits as leader of B.C. New Democrats -

Carole James quits as leader of B.C. New Democrats

Both B.C. parties left leaderless as a result of resignation


After 13 dissident MLAs called for a leadership convention to replace her, B.C.’s New Democrat Party leader Carole James has announced she’ll step down. That means both of the province’s dominant political parties will have new leaders some time in the new year. Liberal premier Gordon Campbell  announced in November that he will resign from his post in 2011, after his approval rating plummeted to 9 per cent. James’ move comes after Jenny Kwan announced that she and 13 other MLAs thought James was doing the party more harm than good. James shot back at those MLAs in her speech in Victoria this afternoon. “Fighting amongst ourselves was not what we were elected to do,” she said. “The NDP cannot present itself as a government in waiting with all of this infighting,” she added. After running B.C. for nearly a decade, the NDP was reduced to just 2 seats in 2001. Under James, it garnered 33 seats in 2005 and gained two more in the 2009 vote.

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Carole James quits as leader of B.C. New Democrats

  1. very courageous lady, even though her party philosophy is a little bit different then we would like, she did rebuild the NDP up to the present 33 seats, the NDP were known for raising taxes, and they would keep the HST. so even with a new leader it would not help them. It worries me though that they have that many seats and their way of government is totally alien to what BC wants or needs.

    History keeps repeating itself, we will never learn.

  2. Too bad for the Liberals. The NDP was dead on its feet under her extremely poor leadership. The so-caed bakers dozen of 13 is really 14 if the recently turfed MLA is added back into the mix. This may make the next election interesting although I think all political parties are completely incompetent.

  3. B.C. politics rocks!!!! Never a dull moment these days for all us political junkies!!!

    Talk about an end run.

  4. Gee, I didn't know some guy ( or gal ) named Ted spoke for all the people of B.C. I was born and raised in this province and I don't want the highest child poverty rate in Canada, which was brought to you by the present government. Or our hydro rates to increase by 33% over the next four years while we sell power to places like,well California, who still owe us money from previous exports. And lets not forget B.C. Rail shall we and the deal that was given Basi and Verk to keep them quiet. But of coarse all these pale beside the fast ferries scandal ( oh wait, that actually created jobs in the ship building industry. Good paying jobs. ) But wait , Gordo brought us the Olympics. What? That was Glen Clarke that came up with the idea? The devil you say!! So no Ted, some ( but not all ) of us want something other than profiteering at the expense of people's well being

  5. I still remember NDP's disastrous ran of the province under Glen Clark and all of his NDP successors. Their indebtedness and loyalty to Labor unions will not change their previous history, instead at this difficult times, NDP will difinitely sunk the province worse even than that of Glen Clark's time.

    • People seem to forget that approximently 50,000 residents left B.C. for Alberta and the prairies when the N.D.P. where in power, scary times,

  6. I was so shocked to hear, De Jong was running, to replace Campbell. The utter gall of him. He blatantly covered up, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. The tax payers are forced to pay all the legal costs, and there was no punishment. The corrupt BCR sale, was held in a corrupt court, presided over, by a corrupt judge. And, the hilarious brain dead witnesses. Basi and Virk were told to keep their mouths shut and they would be looked after, and indeed they were. Who in the hell wants, someone like De Jong for premier? He is just as bad as Campbell. BC is the most corrupt province, because , of Campbell and his, corrupt BC Liberal government. We want our BCR back. We want our rivers back. We want our mills and our, 36.000 jobs back and our raw logs, back from China. What will the disaster of the century be? The Gulf oil spill or, Gordon Campbell?