Casey Anthony acquitted of daughter’s murder -

Casey Anthony acquitted of daughter’s murder

Florida woman’s case transfixed America



A jury has found Casey Anthony not guilty of first degree murder in the 2008 death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. Prosecutors had alleged Anthony suffocated her daughter and left her to die in the trunk of her car, while Anthony’s lawyers claimed Caylee wasn’t murdered but accidentally drowned in the family pool. Anthony’s apparent heartlessness—prosecutors said she didn’t tell anyone about Caylee’s disappearance and partied at nightclubs rather than search for her—became the central focus of the case, transfixing American news audiences for three years. While Anthony would have faced the death penalty had she been convicted of first-degree murder, she will now face up to a year in prison for each of the four misdemeanor counts of lying to police for which she was found guilty.





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Casey Anthony acquitted of daughter’s murder

  1. Lesson learned – OJ’s juror’s are alive and well.

    • No kidding. Poor little girl may she rest in peace!

  2. Prosecution didn’t make the case.

  3. In our feminist society, abortion is legal, a woman has the right to choose, and an unwelcome change of life style plays a big part in a woman’s decision whether to abort. To some feminist, abortion pre-partum or post-partum should be allowed. 

  4. “to some feminists abortion pre-partum or post-partum should be allowed.”                                                                                                                                                 Hello post-partum means the baby is born alive, are they advocating killing it?

    • Actually, I was researching the abortion thing a few days ago, and I read up on some folks that don’t think the baby is ‘human’ until into the second year. Not sure how old this little girl was.