Castro back in uniform -

Castro back in uniform

Revolutionary leader dons military fatigues at University of Havana


For the first time since stepping down as president four years ago, Fidel Castro has appeared publicly wearing his full military uniform, minus the star and laurels he wore as commander-in-chief. The former leader gave a 35-minute speech to thousands of university students, reports the Independent, raising his now-familiar warning that the world stands on the brink of nuclear chaos due to tension arising between the U.S, Israel and Iran. His chosen attire is said to revive speculation that 84-year-old Castro is seeking a larger role in Cuban politics after turning power over to his younger brother Raul.


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Castro back in uniform

  1. Fascists just can't help self-aggrandizing. The Castro family regime is disgusting.

    • sorry I meant to like your post(seriously)

  2. @ Philanthropist

    Castro's brother happened to be the next in line of the hierarchy, his brother was there this the beginning of the revolution. It could have been anyone in the political elite but his brother happened to be in the number two spot. There is as much "family regime" as the Bush senior, junior and brother.

  3. Castro took a nation that had a literacy rate of 2% and within 20 years had raised it to 98%.

    Many Cubans in the U.S. are critical of Castro but that is because they were the moneyed class under Batista. They fled fearing prosecution or even death but remember they were the machine that kept Batista in power with his population, of which, remember, only 2%…could read!

    If it were not for the embargo, numerous CIA assassination attempts , and billions spent trying to destroy Cuba , the Cubans would be the envy of the world. They are survivors. Castro is a hero.

    • "Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy" ~ John Derbyshire

      Western countries have at least as good a literacy rate as Cuba does, probably much better because who actually believes Communist propaganda, without terrorizing their citizens.

      • On a trip to Cuba in the 80's, I attended church, and ended up speaking with the priest after Mass, who was from New Brunswick. Had a very enjoyable 45 minute conversation with him. He had been in Cuba since before the revolution, so he knew conditions before and after. He was unequivocal in stating that for a vast majority of Cubans, the revolution was the best thing that ever happened to them – i.e. healthcare and literacy being important factors. Incidentally, when my wife and I went back two years ago, we went to the same church and the same priest is still there! Was nice to see him again.

  4. That's so adorable! It proves you're never too old help your little brother run a prison island that thousands have died trying to escape from! I wonder if Che Guevera t-shirts are popular at the University of Havana? Would a young Cuban student want to honour a cowardly psycopath who helped the Casto boys to build up their prison network for suspected dissidents and who believed in mass executions without trial to anyone he thought might be a threat to Communism? It's a tough call.

  5. @kolmanskop
    I don't remember Bush Sr. just turning around and making is son president. In the U.S., people have the right to vote for or against any candidate. You gotta admit though, it was a very moving ceremony in Jan. 2009 when George W. Bush informed the American people that his younger brother Jeb would now be running the country.

    • Exacty, Bush Sr. didn't make his son president just like Fidel didn't make his brother president. He was next in line.

  6. Americans have long believed they have a divine right to own Cuba. Cuba falls under the Manifest Destiny, America's right to control everything within its reach. But Cuba has continually thwarted that goal, squirming out of the imperialist grasp every time. America has occupied Cuba, ruled Cuba, attacked Cuba, stuffed puppet dictators into power and given American organized crime a free reign, but America has never truly conquered Cuba.

    • Very true. Castro isn't a saint, but more power to the Cubans for defying the US!

      • While a juvenile sense of defiance to a supposed 'authority figure' may be satisfying to a lot of apologists, that simple self-righteousness has not been worth the lives of the countless people who have been murdered or imprisoned by the regime, not by a long shot. Humans should not be disposed of simply because they disagree with the Castro family.