Castro warns of nuclear armageddon -

Castro warns of nuclear armageddon

‘One man will make the decision alone, the president of the United States.’


For the fist time since intestinal surgery relegated him to the sidelines of Cuban politics, Fidel Castro made an appearance at Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power to deliver a speech that included warnings of an apocalyptic nuclear war. Castro has written several columns in recent months arguing the United States and will drop a nuclear bomb on and that Washington could also target North Korea. On Saturday, the former Cuban leader said only Barack Obama could prevent such an outcome. “Eight weeks ago, I thought that the imminent danger of war didn’t have a possible solution. So dramatic was the problem that I didn’t see another way out,” Castro said. “I am sure that it won’t be like that and, instead . . . one man will make the decision alone, the president of the United States.”

Washington Post

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Castro warns of nuclear armageddon

  1. Castro would love to be the man to make that decision. The world would've been destroyed in revolutionary glory.

    He's a nutter that way.

    • Right on! Castro is just upset that he didn't get to pull the trigger before ge dies.

  2. Fidel Castro slaughtered his enemies and created his family dictatorship – and the media has been enamoured with him ever since because they know liberals love that sort of thing. The people of Cuba should shut him up in a prison along with his fascist cronies.

  3. Come on Fidel, if your revolution was for the people when are the people going to get an election to choose their leaders? The revolution didn't work out so well since the average bottle collector in Florida makes more than the average doctor in Cuba.

  4. Seriously, we are in need of a Need to Know editor!

    How does this make sense?

    "arguing the United States and will drop a nuclear bomb on and that Washington" I had no idea what Fidel was talking about.

    • I think we should be inserting the name of a country after the word 'on', but I'm not sure if it's Cuba, Iran, or some other country.

    • Just look at the source article…
      "Castro has been warning in opinion columns for months that the United States and Israel will launch a nuclear attack on Iran and that Washington could also target North Korea — predicting Armageddon-like devastation."

      • Yes, I did that. But if we need to go to the source to even understand the post, why bother writing anything at all other than the headline and a link?

        • Perhaps, given that it is summer, they have been good citizens at Macleans and hired a 3rd grade student to write this section. If so they should be commended for providing this valuable summer experience to a youngster.

          However, my bet is that the primates have found the booze again.

  5. Fidel seemed to like nuclear weapons a lot better back in the early 60s.

  6. infidel castro the ideological commie….why do we need to be reminded of this old phiarrtt? the guy is alive for one reason he sells F E A R…..and no one opposes him for that reason….truth be told

  7. At one point I had much respect for this person; but with these stupid ramblings he has lost not only his credibility but also his sanity!

    Remember Fidel your country needs tourism, as much as the western world needs oil; lighten up and get real, your time has expired!

    • You need your head read pal! Just what has this murdering little Dictator done that would earn your respect???? You must be a hard left lib! You are a joke!!

  8. Thanx Castro, you saved America from certain catastrophe.. Why does anyone even listen to this old fossil anymore?

  9. the reason Cuba is a 'mess' is that its leaders are more concerned about other peoples problems rather than fixing their own. R. Castro should stay in his comfortable retirement villa and allow needed reform in Cuba. by the way, more people emmigrate from Cuba than immigrate to Cuba. Miami gained, Havana lost! there must be a good reason.

  10. The doddering old twit.
    Just what the $@#! took place on his soil in October 1962 that almost triggered a nuclear Armageddon?