Caterpillar can take its boots with them

London store pulls the company’s wares from its shelves after a controversial plant closure


A store in London, ON, has stopped selling Caterpillar boots after the firm behind the footwear announced the closure last week of a local manufacturing plant. The U.S.-based Caterpillar had asked workers to give up benefits and take a 50 per cent wage cut at the Electro-Motive plant, which had made diesel locomotives. Employees at the firm were locked out on Jan. 1. And on Friday, the company announced the whole thing would shut down, a move a union leader called “unethical, immoral, disrespectful” and the Star’s David Olive likened to “industrial rape.” Work done at the plant may now move to Indiana, where anti-union legislation recently passed. London’s local Mark’s Work Warehouse outlet, meanwhile, pulled Caterpillar boots from its shelves over the weekend in solidarity. It’s not entirely clear whether the boycott continues.

The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

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Caterpillar can take its boots with them

  1. Good on them…….It’s obvious that sooner or later, Caterpillar would almost
    certainly jump at the chance to move from supposedly “union-friendly” Ontario
    to “right-to-work” Indiana, regardless of the concessions the London workers might
    have made to keep their jobs.

     Stephen Harper once used Electro-Motive as a
    backdrop in 2008 to promote big tax breaks for industrial capital investments.

    Is the conservative government now becoming an
    active cheerleader in the anti-union movement?
    Is he taking on the role of
    enabler – witness the government’s role, 
    its interference in the Air Canada dispute, and newly-enunciated policy
    that the federal government can intervene in private sector labor disputes when
    the “interests of the Canadian economy” are at stake????

  2. Nice move by Mark’s WW.  Would love to see this boycott take off across the whole chain & other retailers join in. 

  3. Indiana has it right. The sooner that union heavy states and provinces realize that the unreasonable demands that unions put on business and taxpayers are going to put them out of business, the better off we will all be. The bleeding heart leftists can’t or won’t recognise that huge entitlements will be the downfall of any business or government. It is time to wake up to reality people, your employer, be it business or government has to turn a profit in order to stay in business. Take some responsibility in looking after your own welfare, rather then gimmee, gimmee, gimmee

    • This is all about a government that is
      deeply committed to low taxes for business and the wealthy. By keeping taxes
      low for the wealthy, it means they have to hold down social, health and
      educational spending.

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