Catholic group urges Harper to include abortion in G8 plan

Pro-choice organization speaks out about maternal health policy


Pressure for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to include access to abortion in his G8 maternal health policy is coming from a somewhat unlikely source—a Catholic group. Catholics For Choice, American-based organization with about 100 Canadian members, says that family planning is essential to maternal health, especially for poor women. “We urge the Canadian government to return to its leading role in advocating for family planning, including in the G8 agreement on maternal health,” the group wrote in a letter to the Prime Minister. “In so doing, the government will have the support of Catholics domestically and internationally in your efforts to help reduce maternal mortality.”

National Post

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Catholic group urges Harper to include abortion in G8 plan

  1. About 100 Canadian members? This is newsworthy!

  2. Such a misleading heading…there is nothing Catholic about this group.

    • Er.. why aren't they Catholic – have they all been excommunicated?

      If not, and they're all members of the Catholic Church, there's nothing misleading about calling them a "Catholic group". There ARE liberal Catholics out there, you know.

      • Don't bait the trolls. Arguing over whom is the better man with this person, you might as well suggest the pope get together with a prostitute for once in his life. Why is anybody *anything* or is Catholic just a word, nobody owns a word. I'm waiting for more bait here, the trail has been left for future celebrities of the Internet to slander….I'll check back sometime!

  3. If you want Canadian tax dollars to pay for abortions around the world, then let's go all the way and pay for sterilizations too.

    • I wouldn't mind that.. I had to pay for mine out of my own pocket.

  4. 100 excommunicated small c catholics cannot really be accepted as a reliable source for commemnts on the affaires of the The Catholic Church. There are almost 1 billion practising Catholics world wide so do the math. Using the lable Catholic comes with some degree of journalistic justification regarding implications which this article is completely devoid of. It is as if to say, John Wayne was a Texan and he was six feet tall, therfore all Texans are six feet tall.

    • The Church doesn't excommunicate pedophiles, much less pro-choicers.

      • Andrew…in Canada paedophiles are pardoned

  5. Right on Saigon

  6. catholics should think for themselves rather than be controlled by an authoratarian type structure .. in protestanism there is no real leader

    • Ergo, the problem…when you're rudderless you drift!

  7. I can claim I play for the Montreal Canadians all day long, but it doesn't make it true. These people have been excommunicated… their membership is revoked, and they are not Catholic.

    The headline is an outright lie, and I don't buy that whoever posted it doesn't know better.

  8. Catholics who have abortions and Catholics who help women get abortions are automatically excommunicated. Catholics for Choice are a group nobody would talk about if they did not have Catholic in their name. Catholic apostates would be a better description of who they are, if they are indeed that, and not a front for Planned Parenthood to grab more headlines. Catholics are pro-life by definition.

  9. Catholics can be so hypocritcal…that Church is full of phonies. Tons of Catholic women are on the pill, couples take advantage of sterilization and plenty have had abortions. The numbers of maried Catholics who commit adultery are no different than the general public. I can't stand their "holier than thou" attitude. The real numbers of actually practising Catholics have steadily declined and are actually at an all time low in western countries. With all the abuse scandals, sex between nuns and priests, etc…the Roman Catholic Church is just a sad joke!

    • Catholic, Protestant, whatever there are moral guideposts Ex-Catholic. All this goes back to the Garden of Eden. Good luck in your church…The Church of What's Happening Now…(but not necessarily relevant in two hours)

  10. A serious journalistic organization would have fixed the false headline by now.

    And who's reporting on the fact that the New York Times article responsible for the media attack on the pope was fabricated out of thin air? The two 'sources' for the story were a lawyer working on commission suing the Church, and a disgraced former arch-bishop who stole 1/2 million from his diocese, and has a hate-on for the pope.

    The real hypocrites in this case are the media.

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