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CBC anniversary extravaganza cost $6.6 million

Funds for the CBC’s 75th anniversary celebrations came largely from existing budgets, documents show


The CBC’s 75th anniversary celebrations cost at least $6.6 million, according to documents obtained by the Globe and Mail. That figure includes both English- and French-language services. The public broadcaster said the figure exceeded existing budgets by $1.5 million, money spent for a series of events, including open doors at locations across the country and partnerships with federal museums. According to CBC spokesman Angus MacKinnon, “all 75th anniversary programming came out of our normal programming budgets, over the course of the year and in many different forms.” The anniversary budget documents were originally released to Montreal newspaper La Presse following a freedom of information request, and later obtained by The Globe and Mail. As permitted by the Access to Information Act, the CBC had blanked out specific programming-related costs within the documents.

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CBC anniversary extravaganza cost $6.6 million

  1. The CBC is a parasite feeding off the earnings of Canadians that don’t want to continue providing its $1.16b subsidy. Let the minority that wants it pay for it, otherwise close it down.

    • The four million or so of us who consume CBC programming and web content DO pay enough tax to cover it, thank you very much.  You can use your tax to pay for the Olympics, the G20, the jets, the prisons, the corporate tax cuts and all the other things I don’t want my tax dollars going toward. 

      • Nobody likes the CBC; we merely tolerate it.

        But no longer; kill it!