CBC, Canada Post slammed over access to information

Commissioner flags a “red alert” at both institutions


The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and Canada Post have received worse than a failing grade by Canada’s information watchdog. Federal Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault gave both organizations a “red alert” for their poor performance in processing access-to-information requests. The postal delivery service refuses requests 73.5 per cent of the time, with some of the longest delays ever recorded, said Legault. They took an average of 190 days to complete a single request. The CBC didn’t fare much better, with an average of 158 days. The legislated maximum time is 30 days. Combined, the two organizations accounted for 10 per cent of complaints filed to the commissioner in 2009-10.

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CBC, Canada Post slammed over access to information

  1. I'm not justifying their behaviour, but I've talked to a few crown corps who have to deal with unrelenting access to information requests, sometimes stretching into the thousands and thousands of pages, on nothing more than an anonymous request.

    I think they should put in a rule that anyone requesting more than ten pages worth of documents has to sign their real name, or the name of the client in the case of a consulting firm, before processing the request. This would ensure that the recipient received the information they required, and would weed out superfluous fishing expeditions that waste everyone's time and resources.

  2. CBC is on its way to having no one pay attention to it. Its end is near.

  3. So the question is, have they been learning these delay tactics from the CPC, or did the CPC learn from them?

  4. In all fairness to Canada Post, if the requests for information were mailed to them, would that not account for some of the delay?

  5. These Liberal party institutions, the CBC, Canada post, have a lot to hide. It's as simple as that. Like all Liberal institutions, the CBC and Canada Post are entitled to their entitlements.

  6. Two french run former Canadian holdings.

  7. They should learn from the department of defence and make quick blanket refusals to provide information.

  8. did anyone notice that most of the organziations looked at got great marks it's only these 2 long time liberal establishments that are the root of the problem – let's face it years and years of liberal nepotism and entitlements are at the heart of this issue. All I can say is keep up the good work harper – despite all the frustrated left wing nuts posting the usual grab bag of harper hating posts – stevie boy is like the ever ready politicla bunny and is just keeping on going and keeping on going – next stop CBC – for far too long we resist really looking at this organization with respect to clening it up – I hear tell of an initial probe of late in it's upcoming budget hahahahahaha iand this is long long overdue –

  9. Hypocrisy at its best when it comes to CBC. As for Canada Post, they are probably busy organizing the outgoing flaky Flotilla – everything else, is not a priority. Has the Commission mailed their request using standard, priority or express stamp?

  10. The CBC's official response: 'This Story is Closed to Commenting'

  11. Sell both.

  12. Funny, I haven't heard Peter Mansbridge droning on and on about it on the National!!

  13. The last few months have seen regular and frequent stories in our local Quebecor owned paper posted by QMI media reporters updating every last request on their behalf for information from the CBC.

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