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CBC will lose 650 jobs—and looks to sell ads on some of its music stations


The staff cuts from the federal budget continue to make the rounds. After the Defence Department announced 1,100 jobs axed on Wednesday, the union representing most federal public-sector employees said that the cuts will be much larger than the 19,000 jobs the government forecasted. In addition to the jobs cut, temporary workers won’t get renewals, the national executive vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Patty Ducharme, told the CBC, and cuts from previous budgets are still trickling in.

And on Wednesday, it was the CBC’s turn to announce 650 jobs would be lost at the public broadcaster over the next three years. The CBC has lost $115 million from its budget, which according to its president, Hubert Lacroix, will mean less original programming and more reruns and “a very different public broadcaster.” To try to bridge the gap, the CBC has applied to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission to start running ads on its radio services. The ads would run on the music stations CBC Radio 2 and the French-language Espace Musique, not on CBC Radio One and Radio-Canada for now. Private broadcasters such as Astral Media reacted against the move immediately, saying the CBC should decide whether it wants to continue being funded by the public purse or run commercial stations.

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CBC will lose 650 jobs—and looks to sell ads on some of its music stations

  1. Perhaps the CBC could become more efficient and still provide the same level of service.  If it’s run like every other government agency there’s probably 25% that could easily be trimmed from the budget without effecting quality. 

  2. About time and 10 percent is not enough.

  3. In 2002 the CBC broke the story about criminals getting one billion dollars a year in fraudulent GST rebates. It involved claiming to have bought goods in Canada (used cars) and reselling them in the state.  Claims were being paided out with no checking by the revenue Canada.  It took some leg-work to figure this out and really embarassed the Liberal Government.


    So the CBC paid for its keep in one story.  Now we’re left with Sun Media.  They don’t do investigative journalism.  Just opinionated ranting.

    • Hey don’t be so hard on Sun TV.  They did all that research to find the rub n’ tug Jack Layton allegedly got off at 17 years ago.  I’m sure that took some work.

    • And the CBC doesn’t rant or have opinions? What planet do you live on. The CBC is basically the mouth piece of the Liberal Party. Sun Media might be opinionated. But at least they do so on their own dime. Not mine.

  4. Die CBC die!! The commie beast must die! 

  5. Hubert best be laying off more of his “minions” so he can still afford his 400.00 lunches. Wait, I was wrong, us taxpayers still pay for that.

  6. “CBC will lose 650 jobs—and looks to sell ads on some of its music stations”

    For that to work they would need an audiance for the socialist crap they are peddleing.

  7. “socialist crap” I thought only Americans talked like that. I think the states have been beautifully demonstrating the long termeffects of unbridled capitalism lately. Yet we still all seem to want to follow in their footsteps. What will happen to Canadian music if there aren’t any radio stations that play it?

  8. I believe the that CBC was not being controlled by king Harper the way he wanted to and it is a punishment. If CBC wants more money , It must say flattering things about the govt and cry for Holocaust more than it already does.

  9. Three easy cuts for the CBC are HNIC dinosaurs McLean, Cherry, and Milbury. That would save upwards of $2M in salary and they wouldn’t be missed!!!