CFB Wainwright staff face 70 drug charges -

CFB Wainwright staff face 70 drug charges

Range from possession of a controlled substance to trafficking


Twelve soldiers have been slapped with drug charges after cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and a range of other drugs worth about $10,000 were seized from CFB Wainwright in western Alberta. A lab producing DMT, a powerful hallucinogen, was also discovered. “This is a rare occurrence where we have such an investigation of this magnitude with this result,” said Maj. Daniel Dandurant, the officer in charge of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service’s Western Region Detachment. The accused are Cpl. Thomas MacDougall, Pte. Jeffrey Brennan, Pte. Benjamin Humphrey, Pte. Dominique Malette, Pte. Glen Morgan, Pte. Michael Polack, Pte. Claude Roger Rocan, Pte. Clayton Taylor and Pte. Matthew Wright, as well as Michael Masserey, David McKinnell and Melyssa Lake, three former privates who worked on the base.

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CFB Wainwright staff face 70 drug charges

  1. This will destroy the Conbots! "Must support troops…must jail druggies for life…must supp-DOES NOT COMPUTE..buzzz..hiss!"

  2. Twelve people, $l0 grand. Wow, that's almost $835 each. Don't imagine the Columbian Cartel is losin' too much sleep over it.
    Sounds like a bunch of "too smart by half" bucks got caught up in a prank and it went out of control. Sadly for them, they are about to find out just how swift, and harsh, military justice can be.
    Will this incident affect the way in which our Forces are perceived by the Canadian public? Hey, with the heroic work they're doing overseas, with continuing examples of bravery, valour, compassion and pride of service, I think we Canadians can take these few bad apples from Wainwright in stride!