Change slams Alberta -

Change slams Alberta

New poll finds Wildrose outpacing Stelmach Tories in Calgary


As Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach prepares for a leadership review vote in Red Deer this weekend that could well botch his immediate political plans, and as he steadies the province’s initially very wobbly stand against H1N1, which included news the province somehow doled out doses of the vaccine to the Calgary Flames even as kids and pregnant women waited in line, this can’t be welcome news. A poll finds that the Stelmach Tories have sunk to their lowest level of support in 16 years, barely keeping pace with the upstart Wildrose Alliance Party and, indeed, slipping behind that party in Calgary. Conducted between Oct. 19 and Oct. 31, at the height of Alberta’s swine flu fiasco, the poll finds the Tories would be the first choice of 34 per cent of decided voters were an election held today, compared to 28 per cent for Wildrose’s new leader, Danielle Smith. “In Calgary–long seen as Tory bedrock–the Wildrose party has surged to first with 34 per cent backing,” adds the Calgary Herald‘s Jason Fekete, “followed by the PCs at 30 per cent, Liberals at 20 per cent, and NDP and Greens at eight per cent.”

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Change slams Alberta

  1. Poor special Ed doesn't understand that the once invincible PC's aren't a left leaning Liberal party.

    I'm sure he'll learn that Albertan's prefer a right leaning party after the next election.

  2. This isn't about left or right. It's about stale governments. The amount of people going Liberal is up, so is the Wildrose Alliance. This is about the PC's offering the same old response to mismanagement…cut, cut, cut. All while pointing the finger at someone else.

    • cut what? I don't know about support for the Liberals but you can't claim support for a party whose new leader is better described as libertarian than conservative is about cuts when the deficit is soaring

    • They've cut? Cut what exactly. I doubt very much that people upset over cuts would switch their support to a party that would cut more.

  3. I vote Liberal in Edmonton Center. I used to vote NDP but never PC.
    The WAP will capture opposition in 2012 election. and the latest poll results by Environics Research shows the PC's are in trouble. That is good news-finally.

  4. A majority is for WAP to loose.
    If they are too radical they will loose.
    If they touch Healthcare and approach American style Medicine they will loose.
    Stelmach is finished he will resign on November 9, 2009.
    Healthcare is the NO. 1 SACRED COW.
    The No. 2 Sacred Cow is Royalties.

    • Eddie's already made his royalty grab. And it's blown up in his face.

  5. Stelmach was finished the instant he turned on the oil companies soon after assumng the leadership. Bring on real conservative leadership and the Fiberals and Neo Dummy Party will be relegated to their rightfulplace, in the sewer.

    • You've got that right. Klein used to laugh at the BC NDP Premier (forget his name -Harold Somebody I think) and call him Alberta's Economic Development Minister. Now Saskatchewan's Brad Wall probably feels the same way about Stelmach. The amount of O & G investment that has left Alberta for Saskatchewan since Eddie's royalty grab is staggering.

  6. …ed the talking horse will go back to farming and alberta will shine with a new political front….yes a completely brand new start,,,yaaahhhooooo and there will be one football team and it shall be called the alberta crude