Charest called on anti-protectionist rhetoric in Europe

Quebec protections for culture amount to discriminatory measures, trade
experts say


It was bound to happen. When you go around Europe touting open markets and decrying protectionism, eventually someone takes a look at your own practices. So Quebec Premier Jean Charest found himself defending his province’s tax breaks for cultural products such as CDs, DVDs and theatre tickets, even as he pushed for a Canada-EU free trade deal. Charest says protecting culture is allowed under UNESCO conventions and NAFTA. But one trade expert says that NAFTA and UNESCO conventions on culture allow retaliatory measures against the province. The issue could loom large if Canada ever reach a trade deal with the EU, given the amount of French-language producers who would see the province as a potential market.

The Montreal Gazette

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Charest called on anti-protectionist rhetoric in Europe

  1. I was waiting for this since we signed the deal with the EU and then Sarkosky slams the door shut on ever supporting Quebec Independence and now this .. woo hoo things getting interesting. Next thing you will hear will be Charest threatening Quebec LPC MP’s and them getting in the line up that is starting at Iggy’s door – (picture MP’s with bowl out = please sir can I have a free vote against the party sir)

    • Is there anything you don’t interpret as the impending apocalypse of the LPC?

      If one extends your please sir metaphor, by the way, it would make Iggy the evil capitalist. And probably make you the socialist, since you’re using it. Jus’ saying.

      • nope : as to answer the rest of your question twould be difficult as I was using an analogy and not a metaphor. But were I to try anyways the MP’s being the starving children and Iggy the mighty rationer of poltical gruel still would work though … and I did not reference myself at all. Now am I a socialist : hmmmm maybe in part and why not. I have been a wannabee radical flower child earth warrior for Trudeau, a highly decorated party worker and volunteer for Chretien (I had a brief flirtation with Mulroney but he was like syrup = only good in small doses) and now a conbot. I simply enjoy good political fights!

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