Charest lays out his strategy: a strong federalist stance


Two days before an expected Quebec election call, Premier Jean Charest has shown how he will position his campaign, reports The Globe and Mail.

Aiming for a fourth win but struggling in the polls, Charest wants to bring back federalist supporters by making their concerns core of his campaign.

After a meeting of governors and premiers in Vermont, Charest criticized the Parti Québécois for its plan to take power and funding from the federal government.

Charest is expected to call the election on Wednesday for a vote on September 4.


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Charest lays out his strategy: a strong federalist stance

  1. Things on the Charest to-do list.
    1. Hire Pierre Poutine as a campaign manager.
    2. Give Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and his gang of thugs free tuition.
    3. Invite the Rizzuto, Cotroni, and Bonanno crime families to his residence for lunch.
    4. Declare the arch sovereignist Pauline Marois a role model for all good Quebecios.
    5. State that if he doesn’t get 90% of the vote that he’ll retire unconditionally from politics.

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