Charest’s popularity nosedives -

Charest’s popularity nosedives

Dissatisfaction in Premier’s government at 77 per cent


Massive tax hikes in his spring budget are killing Quebec Premier Jean Charest’s poll numbers. A whopping 77 per cent of Quebecers disapprove of the Liberal leader, according to a poll conducted for Le Devoir, with only 21 per cent saying they’re very satisfied or satisfied with his government. “We’ve never seen anything like it,” said Christian Bourque, spokesperson for the firm that conducted the poll. On Sunday about 50,000 people rallied against the budget, which includes two increases to the provincial sales tax, a four cent increase in fuel tax, a $200 charge for health care and a $25 fee for doctors visits, amongst other increases. Rejean Pelletier, a political scientist at Laval University, says Charest has “in some ways, given up,” and that “he doesn’t seem interested anymore by Quebec politics and might be looking for a way out before the next election.”

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Charest’s popularity nosedives

  1. Well I guess he figured there was not another cent to be blackmailed out of Ottawa since the cupboard is bare and Quebecers figure they have a God given right to a level of social services even exorbitant by Canadian standards but expect not to have to pay for them. They have come to expect government to babysit their kids for next to nothing for Pete's sake. Faced with that impossible set of facts is it any wonder he looking for the escape hatch. I'm sure he'll be bugging Harper for a Senate appointment of as president of some university should all else fail.

  2. Relax. Charest has seen worse numbers. He was a member of the Mulruney Government .

    • Now that's funny!!!

  3. Wakie wakie eggs and bakie, people. Yes, you do have to pay for services. Yes, those prices will only go up if your population is shrinking.