Charges dropped in "Stop resisting!" case -

Charges dropped in “Stop resisting!” case

Case against University of Western Ontario student gained national attention after video of his arrest went viral


Charges have been stayed against a 22-year-old student from the University of Western Ontario whose arrest went viral on the Internet last October. In a 90-second video posted online, Irnes Zjelkovic was shown being violently detained by several campus and London police officers, who punch, knee, and hit him with batons. Officers could also be heard yelling “stop resisting” and subsequently charged Zjelkovic with mischief, resisting arrest, escaping custody and assaulting a peace officer. After the video brought them national attention, police defended their actions, saying the video failed to capture the student’s combativeness leading up to the arrest.

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Charges dropped in “Stop resisting!” case

  1. Right… Video was taken out of context, eh?

    • Sad excuse for cops to be using. They're cops. We expect higher standards out of them. His combativeness leading up to the arrest is no excuse for them to continue being combative after he's not.

      Minimum force required, people.. surely you heard that sometime during your training?

  2. Playing quarterback after the game is done is much easier than being there during the action. Whose to say the perspective of the officers during the time of the arrest.
    They might've taken it too far, but the guy was a fool for resisting their arrest in the first place.