Charges for man who attacked Danish cartoonist -

Charges for man who attacked Danish cartoonist

Attacked artist, who depicted Mohammed in a 2005 cartoon, had recently came out of hiding


A Somali man, with links to Islamist militants, has been charged with the attempted manslaughter of a Danish cartoonist. In 2005, Kurt Westergaard was one of 12 cartoonists who set off riots with their depictions of the prophet Mohammed. Westergaard, who drew Mohammed with a bomb in his turban is the most well-known. After being in hiding for years, he recently emerged saying he wanted to live a normal life. The attacker entered his house with an axe and knife, and said, in broken English, that he wanted to kill him. Westergaard, 74, grabbed his five-year-old daughter, who was with him in the house, and ran to a safe room, setting off an alarm from there. Police shot and wounded the suspect outside the house.


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Charges for man who attacked Danish cartoonist

  1. Of course, it was just a matter of time before this happened. Most likely, it will happen again, and maybe they will actually get him eventually. This is Islam. You can call it extremism if you like, but spreading their faith by the sword has always been a core teaching of the Muslim religion. The killing of "infidels" is as easy as breathing to the most devoted of the Islam religion. And an even bigger threat to the world than that is the political correctness that makes us blind to that reality.

    • A realist who lives in a paranoid, delusional world of billions upon billions of enemies… sounds about right.

      Someone won't be having a cheery 2010.

  2. Isn't the real story here…… "Westergaard, 74, grabbed his five-year-old daughter."
    Sorry, just so sick of having to put up with muslim PC crap, thought this would be a bit humorous.

  3. Westergaard should not be so quick to attack things that people hold sacred. I am not a muslim, i am catholic. When you insult something a man holds dear what do you expect to happen. And wafer is ignorant for implying that Muslims should only be treated with repect due to political correctness.
    Don't hold a people acccountable for the actions of a few, or should we blame all the atrocities commited by Europeans on wafer and his family.

  4. i honestly believe when they catch terrorist like people they should stick them in general population in a maxiumum usa prison and make sure you tell the other prisoners what they did