Charges laid in Montreal fatal dog attack -

Charges laid in Montreal fatal dog attack

Baby killed, mother and grandmother blamed


Police in Montreal say they plan to lay charges of criminal negligence causing death against the mother, 17, and grandmother, 37, of a three-week-old girl killed in a horrific attack by two Husky dogs. The tragedy unfolded in St. Barnabé Sud, a small town about 70 km northeast of Montreal. The teenaged mother and her baby reportedly lived at the house where the baby died, as roommates of another couple and their three sons. The baby’s grandmother, however, was apparently only visiting the home when the attacks took place.

Montreal Gazette

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Charges laid in Montreal fatal dog attack

  1. Was this story written by Babelfish? "The mother is 17 years old woman"?

  2. huskys are suppose to be nice. i guess theyre not!

  3. Huskies can indeed be nice, but once again, this is yet another case of irresponsibility. ANY dog of ANY breed can kill, there have been kids killed by Labs and Goldens.

    • You're right. But I suspect there is more to the story than we're reading here for the authorities to charge the mother with manslaughter (if the latest news is correct).

      I agree that any breed of dog has the potential to be dangerous but the dog they showed on the news, at least from what I could see, was no purebred Husky. It appeared to have a very broad face across the cheeks, and a shorter, wider snout than a Huskey. I suspect it was a cross between a Huskey and a more aggressive fighting breed.

      Which may have been behind the charge? I could understand, if there had been previous reports about aggressive dog behaviour at that location (I'm not saying that's the case here), that the authorities may have been more inclined to lay a more aggressive charge.

      Children are killed by the hands of their parents all the time, often without a charge of either manslaughter or murder being laid. This is a pretty unusual situation.

      • There was a bit more to the story, some details we won't be able to know but the mother and grandmother left the baby in its seat on the floor while going out side for a smoke. Leaving a newborn alone was her choice and I feel deserved that charge.

  4. it could have been any kind of dog. it doesn't matter. its negligence. you shouldn't let any kind of dog near a newbown, let alone two of them. babies are small and prey-like. it doesn't need to be a husky bred with a more aggressive breed at all, huskies are very opportunistic. doesn't mean they were an unfriendly dog, but babies make a real easy target…. and that there's two of them, the more dogs around, the more snaky they are. if she lets them near her baby, thats her own fault. i have no sympathy for her. dogs are dogs are dogs. i feel very sorry for the poor baby. it makes me so sad to hear that something like this has been allowed to happen. as a new mom myself, i would have thought that something like that is just common sense. it makes me feel like crying

  5. I think Smith is right, there's got to be more to this. They wouldn't lay a manslaughter charge just because someone left a baby in a room wit a dog for a few seconds. That's negligent, but not manslaughter. Maybe there were drugs involved, or maybe the baby was in there for a long time, but I think we're going to hear more about this.

  6. good on the montreal police for charging the mother quickly and with an appropriate charge. police are saying the newborn was left alone 20 to 30 mins… theres no way a new born should be left alone with any dog of any breed …. husky, retriever, peikenese, poodle etc, (smaller dogs are fear biters and usually have more atack incedent) doesnt really matter the outcome wouldve been the same. i really hope the dog doesnt get put down over the situation, it wasnt at fault.

  7. This is pure insanity. Poor mother … most people are not aware that even a kind dog can be dangerous. I never worried about my lab with my children and never would have dreamed something could happen before I took a dog training class for my most recent dog and found out that there can be a danger even with a very sweet and non aggressive dog.

    Unless the mother knew that there could be a danger, it's not even negligence. You can't be accused of something you were not even aware of. I wouldn't leave the baby's seat on a chair though.

    Still, this is a 17 YEAR OLD GIRL ! WAKE UP ! Have some empathy for crying out loud. She was only 3 meters from the baby and was gone only a few minutes. Negligence? No .. but locking a dog up in a cage sure is negligent. Don't have a dog if you are going to deprive it of it's freedom.

    Thus, people with children should not have dogs, as it's impossible to keep and eye on a dog at all times when you are a mother, unless someone is doing all of the cleaning and cooking for you. NO MOTHER CAN POSSIBLY DO IT ALL !

    I pray that those jerks who charged this innocent young girl get what's coming to them, along with all those who are heartless enough to ignore this mothers grieving and innocence and wish her harm.

    • Once again, no mother can do it all, but who in their right mind leaves a 3 week old baby in a seat on the floor to go out for a smoke. she could have put the baby in a room and closed the door or being that it was summer put the baby by the door and stand a bit away. There were so many ways to prevent this. She deserved what she got and the memory too.

  8. don't you also see this means that ANY parent who has a dog could be accused of murder or negligence since it's impossible to keep an eye on your dog at all times unless they are in a cage. Pure insanity and evil.

    That's means that all parents who have a dog right now are being negligent ! Non sense ..

  9. What appalls me is neither the dog nor the mother, but the lack of empathy, common sense and judgement most people show in such situations.

    Nobody who has a dog has not left their child with the dog for at least a few seconds.. like to use the washroom ! as most people trust their dogs.. unaware of the small percentage of dogs that can attack though they never have before.

    If the dog was aggressive, that would be a different story, but in this case it is obvious that it was a pure and unfortunate accident that could have happened to any dog owner and even non dog owners, as they are often less suspicious with a non aggressive dog.

    as for the dog, at least I'm sure it was not simply sadistic, as so many human beings are ! I'm sure that human beings kill way more then dogs do.

    also.. she is just a girl .. do you not remember being that age and making mistakes?

    People are so immature. Grow up and realize that nobody is perfect and that you also could be blamed for an accident given the right circumstances.

    As for those who claim they wouldn't leave their child unsupervised with a dog, please explain how you would proceed to do so without keeping the dog in a cage or tied outside, which would be animal abuse?

    it's nonsense .. it would thus be negligent to own a dog while having children in the house.

  10. Wow Id really like to know how this story ended…this poor girl grieving her baby then get arrested on top of it WOW is all I can say. Im a single mother with TWO PIT BULLS ( go ahead start the bashing) I work full time ( i have great employment not a bum) I leave my child all the time alone with our dogs and cats for that matter. Guess I should be arrested for that huh

    • My pitbull loves my baby, he protects him and wont let strangers near him. He has never bit anyone, just knows to protect his family.