Cheney: “I knew about the waterboarding” -

Cheney: “I knew about the waterboarding”

Former VP criticizes review of interrogation techniques


On Sunday, former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney blasted the Obama administration for its decision to investigate the abuse of prisoners by CIA officials. A week ago, a federal prosecutor was appointed to study the abuse. In a FOX news appearance this weekend, Cheney took the opportunity to defend a range of interrogation techniques employed by intelligence officers under Bush’s presidency. “I knew about the waterboarding,” Cheney asserted. “Not specifically in any one particular case, but as a general policy that we had approved.” Mr. Cheney also suggested that the inquiry was “intensely partisan, politicized,” and “clearly a political move.” On Monday, a 2004 report assessing the CIA was released under a court order. It detailed techniques that ranged from staging mock executions, to threatening to sexually assault a detainee’s relative.

The New York Times

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Cheney: “I knew about the waterboarding”

  1. My only question. Why is this man still walking around free?

  2. I think the responsibility lies at the top of the administration that asked for torture to begin by renaming it as “enhanced interrogation techniques”, (even Ronald Regan, called the practice of torture “abhorrent”), is anyone surprised that Cheney is now crying about the investigations.

  3. Is the water boarding a surprise really? I thought the whole world knew what was going on at Gitmo. What we don't know is when did Obama start to speak out against it, is there a record of his thoughts while he was a Senator or is this just an opportunity to try and gain back some public support which appears to be waning. Of course what credit is given for information that was obtained that may have saved many American lives. None probably but the the public only complains about what wasn't done, don't they.

  4. It's all about justifying your actions.

    Did dropping the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima hasten the war and save lives?

    Will "enhanced interrogation techniques" uncover terrorists and save lives?

    Does that make it right?

    • Personally, I abhor the 'end-justifies-means' line of defence for these sorts of things. First, things are never so black and white, or so hermetically sealed, as the proponents like to think (and the after the fact 'proof' of success is often too convenient). Second, these decisions are often so buried in secrecy that no reasonable person has sufficient evidence to to judge their merit.

  5. Perhaps instead of a senate committee, they should utilize Cheneys heartfelt approved interrogation methods on him to gain insight into his role in this illegal activity. "Just following orders" didn't work as a defense before, it won't work now.
    You can be assured that no one responsible for giving those same orders will ever be held accountable, after all, this is the most corrupt government on the planet we are discussing…

    • "Most corrupt government on the planet"? cleargeen, what planet have you been living on?