Chequegate and the Ethics Commish -

Chequegate and the Ethics Commish


…the very fact that Chequegate is an ethical matter is precisely why it doesn’t really fall under the mandate of the ethics commissioner.


Note that calls to Mary Dawson’s office went unreturned. FWIW, I’m actually very curious to see if Dawson finds Gerald Keddy in violation of the Conflict of Interest Code for MPs. And I’m willing to admit that I’m probably being naive in hoping that her office could be anything other than a political instrument.

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Chequegate and the Ethics Commish

  1. It's unethical to question the ethics of politics.

  2. "Chequegate" – will the banks accept something in velvet?

  3. Through effective, responsible opposition, we ensure responsible government. The Liberals are performing well on that score.

    The Liberals submitted dozens of complaints to a commissioner that can't investigate such complaints…… Filing the wrong papers to the wrong commissioner is effective? Lacking an understanding of the commissioner's role is responsible? How did that ensure responsible government?

    Other than putting on a show for the cameras, I don't see how the Liberals have helped ensure responsible government.

    • They were just going for the headline, and they got it.
      But then so did the on going Adscam investigation hit the papers at the same time.
      Adscam, with informants in the witness protection program, trumps CPC logos on giant fake cheques.

  4. It's all so Yes Ministerish: This item reminds me of Tony Blair who on CPAC tells everyone that in England ' If they want to keep a lid on an item they release it on the parllaimentary channel '. Then again everyone knows it's all just opposition sound and fury which signifyeth nothing!

  5. Liberals were nit picking and they will be found that. Surprise that Potter thinks there is a big story here as if someon etried to cash phony cheques. It was all about getting point with the use of huge big assed cardboard phony cheques that stimulus money was getting out there after Liberals have been trying to tell Canadians that money wasn't getting out to Canadians.
    It seems that only Wayne Easter, has complained that his supporters couldn't recognize that these props were not real and genuine. I always thought that Easter's supporters had to be imbeciles to elect him – now I know for sure, and if they are confused as Easter maintains that erases all doubt.