Childhood cancer not linked to cell-phone towers -

Childhood cancer not linked to cell-phone towers

Study finds children whose moms lived near cell tower while pregnant weren’t more likely to get sick


Researchers have found that no matter which way they punched the numbers, having a cell phone tower nearby while pregnant doesn’t appear to increase the number of childhood cancers. The team from Imperial College in London tracked down all cases of childhood cancer in Britain from 1999 to 2001. They matched 1,397 of the sick children with healthy children of the same age, gender and demographics. The ones whose mothers lived near the towers were no more likely to have been sick. In fact, in the case of brain cancer, living near a cell phone tower was correlated with a reduced risk.


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Childhood cancer not linked to cell-phone towers

  1. Interesting how these studies exonerating the telecoms and their deadly effects on our health seemed to be timed to be released just when other studies and concerns seem to be peaking. the obama cancer panel has underscored potential dangers from wireless telecommunications products, which were marketed with no premarket testing, in it's statement calling for the precautionary principle when using them. suddenly studies begin to surface that claim their safety. this always seems to happen. strange !!! There are already thousands of studies world wide that confirm dna damage and other health problems as well as cancer clusters around cell towers. In india there is a huge uproar about this right now.