Chile earthquake death toll climbs past 200 -

Chile earthquake death toll climbs past 200

Coastal British Columbia on tsunami watch


Early this morning, a quake of 8.8-magnitude struck central Chile, and the country’s President Michele Bachelet declared a “state of catoshrophe.” Many older buildings collapsed and the power is out. The death toll is beyond 200 and rising. Bachelet appealed to the residents to stay calm, that the “system is functioning.” Nonetheless, people were urged to stay home and not to travel. Also, after a big wave hit Robinson Crusoe Islands, 660 kilometres off the Chilean coast, tsunami warnings have now been issued to other areas, including parts of South America, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, Russia and many Pacific islands. A less severe advisory was issued for British Columbia, where low-lying coastal areas and beaches are at risk.



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Chile earthquake death toll climbs past 200

  1. This was a a powerful earthquake, it released 500 times more energy than the Haitian earthquake.

  2. That may depend on how deep it was, what type ie., a subdction quake would be worse for the resulting Tsunami, but it's certainly a major quake.

    • Wikipedia has already entered this quake on its chart of most powerful quakes. This 8.8 ranks #6. The most powerful earthquake in recorded history also hit Chile back in 1960. It was a 9.5

    • Well, the definition of richter scale indicates it was 500 times more energetic, and by definition of "energy" that much more potentially destructive. Whether it was more destructive depends on many things like geography, population density and building codes.

      • I was in Crescent City, California, in my RV when the 7.0 struck 54 miles offshore a few years back (7.2 at its epicenter). You could certainly feel a temblor that big, but it didn't so much as break a window in town. No injuries anywhere on the Northern California coast. In most of the rest of the world, a quake that powerful would kill thousands. That's what North American earthquake construction codes do, as well as careful retrofitting.
        Crescent City suffers the distinction of being the only North American city to be largely destroyed by a tsunami. The great Alaska quake in '64 was responsible and because of geographic anomalies, the waves were higher coming into Crescent City than anywhere else on the West Coast. Three 20 footers rolled in destroying the entire waterfront and 26 blocks of downtown. In spite of a three hour evacuation warning, 11 people were killed. The city has never really recovered. Big earthquakes and tsunamies are events that leave their mark on victims forever. I feel for the people of Chile.

  3. Wasn't there a tidal wave that hit Vancouver Island in the early 1960's that caused quite a lot of damage around Port Albernie??

    • You are thinking about the Good Friday Alaskan earthquake of 1964.

  4. I was in Mexico city in 1985 and it was 8.1, it was horrible, I thought it was the end of the world, I can`t even imagine, the strength plus how did the earth move, up and down or side to side, that has a lot to do with the destruction!

    • Just want to talk with my family in Santiago.
      I'm so sad to see my country destroyed in one day.
      I Hope see my country beautiful and powerful again, soon.

      • Most of the country is unaffected. It's the areas close to the epicenter that will suffer damage.

      • Good luck, I hope you and your family are safe!