China casts a longing gaze toward the Arctic -

China casts a longing gaze toward the Arctic

Asian giant eyes resource bounty in the Far North


China may use Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s upcoming visit to push its claim for more influence in the Arctic. After a speech Wednesday to the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations (which, apparently, is a thing) China’s ambassador to Canada suggested his country might want input on the Arctic Council, a working group of eight nations with territories in the far north.

The Arctic could be home to trillions of dollars in oil, gas and other resources. China, with no actual territory in the region, is nonetheless a voracious consumer of energy goods. If there’s a resource play to be had in the area, they’re going to want a part of it.

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China casts a longing gaze toward the Arctic

  1. Don’t worry. We’re going to have 65 stealth capable planes with which to defend our arctic regions. That’s surely enough to stop any Chinese invasion. We just have to finish up on those stealth snowmobiles we’ll need to pull them into position.

  2. Maybe Canada should ask for observer status in Tibet??