China discovers massive shale gas reserves -

China discovers massive shale gas reserves

New reserves could last up to 300 years


China–the world’s biggest energy consumer–has discovered vast amounts of shale gas in its southern province of Sichuan, The Financial Times reports. The discovery is expected to transform China’s energy industry and will provide the country with a “cheap and plentiful” source of fuel for up to the next 300 years, based on amount estimates and current consumption analyses. This unconventional type of gas is extracted from shale rock using highly pressurized water and chemicals–a technique known as “fracking.” It has become an increasingly popular method in energy production, revolutionizing markets around the world, including the United States, the world’s biggest shale gas producer.

The Financial Times

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China discovers massive shale gas reserves

  1. Enormous hydro electric projects, now enormous reserves of cleaner energy, the US debt financing 100% of their military, enormous reserves of cheap labour… Look out world here comes China!
    If they were to free Tibet and other colonial objectives, they would look like an excellent alternative to the USA for the next superpower.

    • Well, except for
      a) the systemic trampling of basic human rights,
      b) labour camps,
      c) extrajudicial executions
      d) suppression of ethnic minorities
      e) suppression of free speech, rights of assembly, and criticism of the the Politburo
      f) the one child policy
      g) the artifical inflation of the yuan
      h) sweat shops and child labour as state policy
      i) the whole Communism business
      j) the whitewashing of Mao’s butchery (those who do not study history, etc…)
      k) I could go on here…
      … the Red Chinese are a swell buch of eventual overloards, errr… I meant trading partners, world hegemon, and dear friends.

      • Ahh now I see, you mean like..

        a) like the patriot act?
        b) like the Texasand Arizona prison camps renting out prisoners for labour?
        c) like Kennedy?
        d) like Afro-Americans and Mexicans?
        e) like according to the patriot act it is against the law to criticize government policy?
        f) one child policy makes sense in any overpopulated country.
        g) actually the yuan has been inflaed due to things like the 60 billion in interest it       collects annually from USA debt, and things like this natural gas find and others I mentioned
        h) those the same sweat shops kept in business by American companies like walmart?
        i) in the 4 thousand year history of china (and more) they have been communists for less then 100 years, and now they are capitalists, doesn’t quite fit the mold does it?
        j) time brings every butcher to light, take a peek at Russian history for example

        … so why are countries like the USA trading with them, guess it shows where their priorities are.
        I don’t see China enforcing policies in Canada or England or Germany or Australia… can you say the same for the USA?

  2. Right it’ll last 300 years. Not the way this planet burns up it’s energy. I’d say closer to 100 years. And they’ll all be crying for help again. This planet has 7 billion people to many now as it is.