China lectures Canada on climate change

China: Canada setting “bad example”


Canada’s rumored plan to drop out of the Kyoto Protocol by year-end is “setting a bad example” for other advanced economies as talks on a new climate deal are underway in Durban, South Africa, China’s official news agency said on Wednesday. “While delegations from every country attend the Durban climate conference to discuss a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol, one can imagine the damage done by this ‘rumour’,” Xinhua said. Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent refused to confirm allegations that Canada is about to withdraw from the current climate treaty, but told reporters on Monday that a new global deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions would have to include binding targets for China and India as well.


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China lectures Canada on climate change

  1. China is telling us about climate responsibilty? I would sooner bathe in the Don or Humber rivers than even stick my foot in a rural river in China. That said, I suppose China isn’t exactly wrong by calling us out on this. We all need to ensure that our socks are well-hoisted up when it comes to ecological awareness – the planet can no longer afford for us not to. Maybe China was hoping we would have this attitude in mind when they started tossing these stones from their glass palaces? :)

  2. As John Baird said “China is our friend”.  If your friends can’t tell you the truth, who can?  

    • China is no ones friend

  3. What a joke.
    Might as well have Greece lecture us on balancing a budget as have China lecture us on being environmentally conscious.

  4. per capita, canada produces nearly 4 times as much CO2.. china has every right to speak up

    • With the population discrepancy involved , that’s hardly a worthy measurement. Kyoto also doesn’t involve other forms of pollution output.

      • Per capita is absolutely a worthy measurement because it means Canadians have much more room to work with in terms of decreasing CO2 release compared to the Chinese. If you could imagine our planet as just one big country of 7 billion people, we’re the ones doing the worst for global warming.

        • Per Capita is a meaningless measure.

          It just allows overpopulated countries to pump out more and more pollution, and claim they are exempt, because they have so many people.

          The earth’s atmosphere we all share is affected by the total amount of  pollution emitted by a country.
          Not by how how many people are in the country.

          China’s emissions are growing at 10% per year. Their annual increase is 1.5 times Canada’s total annual emmissions.
          In the last ten years China put out more total emmissions than Canada did in the last century.

          Per  Capita – another Kyoto ponzi scheme to rob affluent lower population countries.

          Work for your own money….

          • The earth’s atmosphere we all share is affected by the total amount of pollution emitted by the entire world’s population (and other factors). Some segments of that population happen to emit more than others. That’s all.

            By your logic, China could split into ten, keep the same environmental policy, and then it would no longer be a CO2 offender. What idiotic logic.

      • Yeah, and in another 10 years they will be producing 100 times more

  5. Hello there kettle.

  6. I find the “shock” to this hilarious… Nobody was acting on their Kyoto commitments anyway. Could it be that we have the only logical government out there right now?

  7. This is kinda like Paris Hilton telling Kim Kardashian that she’s a publicity hog.

    Ironically, this is one story that brings the Canadian left and right together to say in one voice, “China? Are you KIDDING me?”

  8. The comments here show an underlying superiority complex among Canadians over developing nations.  Before it became a mainstream issue, the industrial revolution in the West faced no questions in regards to its environmental impact.  Now that developing nations are trying to attain the same quality of life as Western nations, we point fingers at them for making a bad situation worse.  China’s not ignorant of the impacts of their industry: they became the world’s biggest investor in green energy for a reason.

    As one of the richest and most livable countries in the world, Canada should be setting an example for other rising nations.  Unfortunately, we’re also notorious for being among the most wasteful people on earth.

    • ha ha ha your so funny 

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