China takes on scientific superpowers

The U.S., Europe and Japan risk losing science supremacy


A new report by the Royal Society science academy in the U.K. says China and other emerging nations, including Brazil and India, are growing their science credentials and may soon rival traditional “scientific superpowers,” like the U.S., Europe and Japan. International cooperation is crucial, the report noted, highlighting that from 2002 to 2007, global spending on research and development had risen by almost 45 per cent, but in developing countries it had risen by 100 per cent. The increase in the developing world is driven mainly by China. The U.S. still leads the world in terms of publication, but its share of global authorship has fallen from 26 to 21 per cent, and its closest rival is now China.


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China takes on scientific superpowers

  1. I really must object to framing this situation in terms of a war or a competition. The spread of the scientific method is, on the whole, a very good thing.* This is especially true when you consider that the study mentioned looked at authorship of published articles. First of all, it is highly likely that those articles were published in English. Second of all, they are published so you can, you know, read them.

    Every country should be actively supporting R & D and basic scientific research. It is a major industrial driver. Even if you don't like industry (Greens) then you still have to do a lot of investigation and research to support environmental health.

    * I acknowledge that a sizable amount of research does not get published when it is applied to military technology.

    • High-tech industries tend to cluster spatially, as firms locate in places where they can benefit from spillover effects from nearby firms. Since the global demand for goods can only sustain so many clusters, there is a zero-sum element to economic competition in certain sectors. China's increasing scientific prowess isn't problematic because of the research it produces, but because it allows China to compete for industry dominance in sectors dominated by the west. They're already going after aircraft – a major US export, and one of Canada's only good high-tech industries.

  2. Work to hang on to United States, because, you will never see another Country like this fantastic place. No one can refute that fact. China can only dream of ever entering the same plane as the United States. I was just watching Obama, the first Black President, doing a job of unbelievable ability for anyone. How this Country does it is amazing.

    • Somebody posing as Nola? Really lame.

  3. However, I believe Japan's recent exposure to radiation will help it develop superpowers.

  4. As far as Canada is concerned we have been surpassed by many Countries because of Harper's anti science anti intellectual stance. Harper's reasoning as a born again is science is not important . He and his creationist cabinet are more concerned about end times than advancing mankind.

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