China to buy Canadian seal products

Trade deal brings relief to sealers following EU ban


Federal fisheries minister Gail Shea announced from Beijing that China has agreed to buy Canada’s seal products. In a deal to be signed on January 13, 2011, China will purchase seal meat, as well as pelts and oil, providing much-needed relief to sealers following the European Union’s ban on all seal products in 2009. “The population is so high in China that if everybody buys some pelt or product from seal, we won’t have to trade anymore with Europe,” says Denis Longuépée of the Magdalen Islands Sealers’ Association. “So it’s good news for us.” Meanwhile, Canada is protesting the EU ban, advocated by international animal rights groups, to the World Trade Organization. The Fisheries Department estimates the harp seal population in Atlantic Canada to be between eight and nine million.

CBC News

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China to buy Canadian seal products

  1. Good. The EU and PETA can get stuffed. Another timely scientific study backs up what the sealers have been saying all along.

    A federal seal researcher says the early birth of seal pups in Labrador may be an indication the area's seal population has grown too large.

    • Plus lowering the seal population would help the atlantic fish stocks.

  2. Seals won't be with us much longer anyway…….Care to clarify this comment please Emily ?

    • The seals will be around for centuries to come as long as there is fish in the sea. However, they are now overpopulated and are consuming tons of cod every day! The only thing that would deminish the seals forever is a virus of some kind in the ocean. Then, that could erase mankind too! As long as Rules and Regulations are enforced, the seals will be like any other species, will survive with nature. However, Mother Nature is destroying a lot of species as she goes through a lifetime cycle of changes. This is also a warning to mankind who has destroyed the habitations around him with developing large homes and complexes that are built on landscapes that protected us from floods, etc.

  3. Imagine, communist China more practical than PC Canuckistan and Europe. Gee, I wonder who has the brigther economic future??

    • Jeet.. is there a paticular reason that you constantly refer to my beautiful country as Canuckistan ? The first couple of times it was ''slightly'' it's just annoying……just my opinion…..

    • je

  4. This is a re-post…Seals won't be with us much longer anyway : Could you clarify what you mean Emily…..Thanks.

  5. Some good news for a beleaguered industry. It doesn't please me that our main purchaser will be China, mainly for their lack of human rights/democracy issues, but if the EU/US willingly remove themselves there aren't many options left. The reality of the fisherman's lifestyle is a kind-of full-time part-time job. One season it is (was) cod, another is crab, another is swiling, etc to flesh out a year-round job. Less industry promotion would result on more fisherman requiring Employment Insurance for longer periods of time.

    The EU's move to ban a single fur industry is perplexing. Perhaps they were influenced by the numbers present in their own harp seal herds, which only reaches the low to middling hundreds of thousands. The Atlantic herd (Magdalen Islands, Newfoundland/Labrador, Greenland) is in the eight or nine million range according to a DFO researcher via the CBC.

    • This might be of interest – who new (unless you wear a kilt)?

      Inuit could save the sporran. Kilt-makers look to Canada's indigenous people to circumvent EU ban on trade in seal skins used for traditional Scottish purse

  6. No, seal is very popular in countries outside the EU. It's used for dog food in Japan for example, and as you can see China wants it.

    I didn't mean my statement to be cryptic….it's just that with the Arctic warming up, the seals natural habitat is disappearing. Same for polar bears.

    • That's hilarious. Surely a super sciency sciencitizer like you is aware that polar bears and seals have been with us for millions of years, most of which was much warmer than today?

      • Really? Perhaps you missed evolution in school then.

        • Or geology, or any of the other earth sciences.

        • yeah bears and seals did not evolve in the last few thousand years Emily. im quite familiar with evolution, and i have a particular interest in mammal evolution, which took off since dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago. if you want to learn more about this wonderful topic, I recommend starting with the very well done, very entertaining Walking With Prehistoric Beasts, by the BBC. You clearly need it.

          • Then you'll know polar bears and seals haven't been around for 'millions of years', and that polar bears evolved to cope with glaciation, while seals evolved all over the world to cope with specific environmental conditions.

            Changing over thousands of years can't be compressed into evolving again in just a few years as global warming ramps up. They will die out.

            If your knowledge of evolution comes from a TV show, perhaps you should consider returning to school.

            You clearly need it.

          • actually the oldest polar bear fossil is about 150,000 years old. are you saying that currently we're warmer than any time in the past 150,000 years?

          • Polar bears are actually brown bears that evolved during a period of glaciation.

            Since the earth was originally a fiery ball, and tropical in the beginnings of life, we could hardly be warmer now that we were then.

            We also had ice ages.

            But for about 10,000 years we've had a window of ideal conditions for humans to survive and thrive…a condition we're rapidly ruining by putting 90 million tons of CO² into the atmosphere every 24 hours.

            Why are you arguing this with ME? The information is freely available online.

            Or are you just trying to prove you're smarter than all that book-larnin'?

          • Yes, so 150,000 ears is not that long ago in geological time, in fact its the blink of an eye. But the point is, and you have said nothing to disprove it other than flailing around pointlessly, polar bears and seals have been around in periods where it was much warmer than today. So the idea that global warming will cause them to go extinct is pure fantasy of the kind which inspired the rampage by enviromentalist James Lee at the Discovery Channel.

            Why do leftists always have to entice hatred of humans, violence and murder with their rhetoric?

            Not even Sarah Palin does that.

          • YOU argue on opinion, I do not. This is science.

            Go back to school, and learn something real instead of getting it all from crackpot sites, and figuring you're a hotshot.

          • No, sorry Emily. This is not opinion, its science fact.
            -oldest polar bear fossil is 150,000 years old: not my opinion, science fact.
            -temperatures have been much warmer than today in last 150,000 years: not my opinion, science fact (if you have evidence to the contrary, publish it, you will get a nobel prize)

            Conclusion: polar bears can withstand much higher temperatures than today (not my opinion, but fact based on the above facts and elementary logic).

            Also, why have you no shame in continuing the cycle of violence? Dont you realize that your rhetoric leads crazies like James Lee to kill people? You have blood on your hands.

          • Ping

    • Until now, there hasn't been much of a market for seal, other than for the fur. Repeated attempts have been made over the years to find a way to profit from the whole carcass, but with little success. That has been, until now, one of the more effective (and to my mind the only legitimate) argument the protesters have made. So I'll be very glad if this pans out nd the whole carcass can be profitably utilized.

      As for disappearing seals: thanks to the herd getting too large for the food supply (due in part to the reduced hunt; humans are one of their few natural predators), there will likely be a large die-off from starvation before global warming takes its toll.

    • Thankyou…..

      • The above thankyou was to Emily….sorry…

  7. Perhaps they'll adapt. You can find the buggers all over the place.