Christians and Muslims in deadly Cairo clash -

Christians and Muslims in deadly Cairo clash

Deadliest unrest since the fall of Mubarak


Six Christians and five Muslims were killed by gunshots in overnight clashes during a protest in a Cairo suburb on Wednesday. Christians in the town of Soul were protesting the burning of a church last week, reportedly stemming from a Christian-Muslim love affair. Ongoing religious violence since former President Hosni Mubarak stepped down has posed a serious challenge to the interim government. Opposition member George Ishaq called those participating in the violence “enemies of the revolution.” Military prosecutors are investigating the violence and have questioned 15 people on charges of carrying guns and damaging property. Coptic Christians make up 10 per cent of the Egyptian population, and have faced widespread persecution and sectarian violence.

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Christians and Muslims in deadly Cairo clash

  1. Only the idiots on the left are too stupid to see the budding second Crusades. The very people who would scream and yell to defend radical Muslims in our society remain silent with the deaths of underdog Christians in those countries. That kind of hypocrisy lis going to destroy our society.

  2. Religion once again becomes an excuse to murder.
    They can't even find the courage to proclaim the hatred as their own so they proclaim their religion and honour(?) as justification to hide behind murder.

  3. A society stupid enough to fall for the fantasy after life are not worth saving nor possible to save. Invest in blood, because there is going to be lots of it.

  4. After witnessing violence against celebration for women's day in Egypt, this country is fast becoming the next Pakistan.

    • Or Iran

      • In Iran the government and religious theocracy is oppressing and suppressing its people. As for Pakistan, the government and military/police are ineffectual in governing and policing and have mastered the art of corruption. On the other end, a dangerous proportion of Pakistani people are religiously induced schizophrenics and thirsty for blood with less critical analytical capabilities. These combinations make for a deadly combination. I hope we are not witnessing the process of the country's self made implosion

  5. Muslims have been systematically cleansing their countries of others through violence, and they succeed in getting themselves portrayed as victims in our dumb media – an impressive feat considering the numbers of people who are slaughtered.

  6. For evil people to commit crimes it comes naturally but for good people to commit murder it takes religion.

    • Wow, Gary? opps, I see you forgot to give credit!