CFS recommendations stir debate -

CFS recommendations stir debate

Panel suggests banning blood donations from those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, which causes symptoms like profound exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, and cognitive problems, remains unknown, and some researchers have dismissed it as psychosomatic or imaginary, the New York Times reports. Now, a series of announcements have made the issue more confusing than ever for the million or more Americans who suffer from it: on Dec. 14, an advisory panel suggested the U.S. Food and Drug Administration bans blood donations from people with a history of CFS, to prevent the possible spread of viruses that have been linked to it by two high-profile studies. But on Dec. 20, the journal Retrovirology published four papers that suggested those studies’ results may have come from laboratory contamination. The studies reported that people with CRS showed higher infection rates with a virus called XMRV or others in the same category, called MLV-related viruses. But other teams have recently found no connection between CFS and these viruses, generating confusion.

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CFS recommendations stir debate

  1. I banned myself many years ago from giving blood because of having CFS/fibromyalgia. Researchers haven't dismissed it as being psychosomatic for at least two years now, since they started discovering the mitochondrial damage. But even before then, when so little was known about it, I knew I didn't want to risk passing it on to anyone. I support this ban.

  2. Most People get ill after a viral infection. Ban the blood.
    Don't be stupid.

  3. There are worse things the politically corrrect allow…

  4. i will continue to donate my blood no matter what !! besides nothing wrong with us, 'it is all in our heads' i feel great after i give a few pints every 2 weeks, i just tell them my name is simon wessly. can you imagine 6% of the healthy population carry xmrv and donate blood on a regular basis and they worry now after years of denial about cfs blood donors and promote exercise as a cure for cfs and c..b.t. yet they do nothing on the spread of ciguetera on our fish plates and now leaked into the complete food supplies. give us all a break… anyone with any common sense stay as far away from the medical profession as possible. next time you go to your doctor ask for a six month supply of your needed meds and when you re leaving say 'see you in six months' with a huge smile on your face… all of you have everything to gain from the real truth on these sites and if this did work naturally on cfs patients and avoid their hoax and fraud 'hystamine' drugs we would all be better off… could you all imagine we could put the scum out of complete business with common sense and we could all rise to tell the world the full truth about this deceit profession and their mafia pharmas who tell the doctors when and how to walk the talk….p.s. 'do not eat the fish and avoid all processed foods no matter what'… if it grows on a tree or spuds from the ground it is safe from ciguetera…sincerely aidan walsh, southampton, u.k.

  5. I thought the ban has been in place in Canada for over a year, already.

  6. The ability to prevent scientific enquiry into CFS is now ending, scientists worthy of the name are making discoveries, the genie is out of the bottle, and the psychobabble money grant game is going to collapse under the weight of scientific discovery.

  7. @aiden. I also test positive for ciguatera, but think that I may also have XMRV. I believe it is possible that both things are going on. If it turns out that I am XMRV pos, I will be looking for antiretrovirals. What can we do for the ciguatera toxin???? Right now, nothing. Until there is concrete evidence and research into ciguatera and what it really means, we have to treat what we can, XMRV, lyme, EBV, etc, etc. I also support the NCF because I believe Dr. Hokama is brilliant, but my money right is on the WPI. Keep fighting the good fight!