Chronically ill lack Web access -

Chronically ill lack Web access

Yet searching for health info online is on the rise: study


People affected by chronic conditions are less likely to have Internet access, according to new Pew data reported in the New York Times. Meanwhile, the number of “cyberchondriacs,” people who frequently research health information online, has jumped in the past year, according to a Harris poll showing the mean number of monthly searches for health information is 6.0, and 17 per cent looked 10 or more times over the last month. More than half of those who searched discussed information with their doctors, or searched because of a conversation with their doctors, showing the Internet is an important source of health information, and even reassurance.

New York Times

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Chronically ill lack Web access

  1. This is true! My sister is handicapped with MS and would love to be able to access the internet. It is difficult to find out how we can help her do this.

    • Get her to acquire a computer with specific add-ons that help her overcome her disability. MS Windows has a lot of adjustments that can be made to the display, and to the responsivity of keyboard and mouse. Specialty devices abound, although I do not know how you can get your hands on any. For more useful information: Start with an occupational therapist, or a wheelchair outfitter, perhaps? Maybe a disabled persons support group? Your sister cannot be the only one out there, so try to rely on the wealth of the experience of others. Good luck!

    • Googling "computing for the disabled" generates over three million hits. There is surely something on the first few Google results pages to give you a good start.