City staff urge Toronto council to request city be declared ‘disaster area’


TORONTO – Toronto city council is being advised to ask the provincial and federal governments for help to recover from damage caused by two major storms in 2013.

In order to be eligible for assistance from Ontario, a staff report says Toronto must ask the province to declare Canada’s largest city a “disaster area.”

The report, which is being discussed today, says Toronto faces in excess of $171 million in storm-related costs, including at least $106 million in damage from the severe ice storm that walloped the city in December.

The report also notes that a severe rainstorm on July 8 that flooded parts of Toronto brought an estimated $65.2 million in costs.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly says it’s a “big bill” for the city and “if you don’t ask, you may not get.”

He says he would like to see the province, the federal government and the city each bear one third of the cost of recovering from the storms.

Toronto did not declare a state of emergency during the recent ice storm which brought down tree limbs, downing hydro lines and cutting power to hundreds of thousands of customers, and stalled road and air travel.

But Toronto’s city manager says the city must be declared a “disaster area” under the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program in order to get provincial help — a situation Kelly calls “awkward.”

“But it shouldn’t be a hurdle that we can’t get over,” he said.

Late last year, Toronto city council stripped controversial Mayor Rob Ford of much of his powers and transferred responsibilities he would have had in an emergency to Kelly.

It was, however, up to Ford to decide whether to declare an emergency during the ice storm and the mayor repeatedly said he had seen no need to do so.

Ford has said he now plans to move a motion asking Ontario for an initial $60 million in disaster relief aid to cope with the damage from the ice storm.

While the mayor didn’t stop to answer reporters’ questions Friday, Coun. Doug Ford defended his brother’s handling of the ice storm response.

“Everyone knows we didn’t need a state of emergency,” he said. “The premier’s going to make a decision, she’s either going to support the people of Toronto or she’s not.”

City staff are also urging Toronto council to request that Queen’s Park and Ottawa establish or expand disaster mitigation programs involving urban forestry, erosion control, winter storms and other severe weather events.

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City staff urge Toronto council to request city be declared ‘disaster area’

  1. I fully expect Kathleen Wynne to deliver $60M worth of gift cards to city hall.

    • So let me get this straight… BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in corporate tax cuts to the richest and wealthiest corporations in this country, who get to write off every expense they have and then only pay 15% on their profits, while the average middle class family pays 25-30% right off the top… THAT you’re ok with, support and fight for? But a few hundred thousand dollars in gift cards for food for people who were hard hit by a natural disaster, matched by the private sector, that’s what sets you off? You really are a despicable human being aren’t you.

      • Yes, I am a despicable human being. Because I realize that corporations don’t actually pay taxes, because they’re nothing but a legal entity. The people who actually pay corporate taxes are the shareholders (ie. pensions), and the people who use the goods and services that the corporation sells (ie. consumers).

        And yes, handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes to Kathleen Wynne voters does “set me off”. Governments should treat all citizens equal, they shouldn’t favour the ones who vote for them.

        • You’re completely wrong yet again. I guess it’s what makes you such a proud conservative. Corporations absolutely do pay taxes. They have done so for almost 100 years in this country. Look at any budget that the Department of Finance has released over the last 20 years at least, and you will find an item called CORPORATE TAX RECEIPTS. Along with personal income taxes, the GST, and crown corporation profits, corporate tax receipts are a significant revenue tool for the Government of Canada. Unfortunately, thanks to Conservatives selling out our country, the corporate tax burden has fallen significantly with misguided tax cuts for the wealthy and has had to be made up by the middle class, personal income tax receipts, payroll taxes and of course by massive deficits that have ballooned Canada’s national debt to over $600 Billion. A new record, all conservatives know is to rack up massive deficits and pile on the debt. So yes corporations do pay taxes, you sound like a moron when you say they don’t. And even Jim Flaherty’s own budget documents disagree with you. After they deduct ALL their expenses from their revenues, and mix in all their accounting tricks and offshore entities, they do pay a 15% corporate tax rate which is far too low when we expect middle class families to pony up 25% off the top. You just sound like a Kevin O’leary wannabe, Koch Bros fiend, and stooge for the 1% when you spew your nonsense that any person with a fully functioning brain can see right through. What are you gunna bring up next? Double taxation and cutting taxes for the rich? We should probably get rid of dividend taxes too right? But can we increase the minimum wage? No of course not… Canadians need to race to the bottom against Chinese workers, if not, Harper is just gunna bring temporary foreign workers here to steal Canadian jobs anyways. When did you become so anti-Canadian?

          • You’re obviously too dense to get my point. A corporation doesn’t pay taxes because it’s simply a cost of doing business that gets passed on to other PEOPLE. If the government raises taxes on corporations, PEOPLE end up paying for it because the corporations prices go up.

            It’s not rocket science. I actually first realized this when I was in my early 20s and our company had an audit done. The auditor found that we’d actually over-paid our taxes, and he gave us crap because it meant that customers were paying too much in taxes. Not everybody sees higher taxes as a good thing, like you apparently do.

      • Who got billions of dollars in tax cuts, and if they did, why is that bad?

        • The richest corporations and wealthiest inviduals who specialize in outsourcing and offshoring Canadian jobs and bringing in TFW’s (slave labour) got big fat unneeded tax cuts. It’s bad because it’s helped drive the massive record multi BILLON DOLLAR DEFICITS that King Harper and Fail Flaherty have racked up over the last 6 years now. Are those same corporations going to help pay off the $600 BILLION national debt that Mulroney and Harper have largely racked up?

          • Slave labour?
            You sure about that?
            Increased spending is what caused the deficits, increased spending demanded by the opposition.

            You certainly have earned your name as Liberal Dementia

  2. It should be noted that King Harper, the Crime Minister of Alberta, had no problem sending $2.8 BILLION DOLLARS, no questions asked to Alberta after their floods this summer. Not a penny of it was scrutinized, they got everything they wanted. It will be interesting to see what crumbs the Reform Party hacks in Ottawa will be sending to the GTA, whose economy is larger than the entire province of Alberta. Also, at what point do the morons that voted Conservative in Toronto, and everywhere else in Ontario, realize that they’re being sucked dry and bled to death by this right wing Alberta-centric Federal government. The Ford dealers love to bash Kathleen Wynne yet she’s done far more for Toronto than King Harper has.

    • Total agreement. The Harper govt is doing everything it can to harm Ontario.

      • Name one thing Harper’s doing to “harm” Ontario.

        • Refugee health care and pensions this week.

          • Are you getting FREE Eye care and Dental like those failed refugees??

          • I’m a well-off citizen of an advanced western nation….they are refugees, and they need help.

            I hope you don’t claim to be christian.

          • All I am saying I don’t get FREE Vision & Dental and I bet none of the other Taxpayers of OntarI-owe are getting it either..

          • Oh well then….if YOU don’t get it, no one else is allowed to eh?

            Even though Canada has always helped refugees.

            We did it through the UEL, the Scottish and Irish diaspora, the Underground Railway, the DPs, Boat People…etc

            But YOUR nickel….that’s sacred eh? If YOU have something, no one else can have it.

          • Sounds like you are a refugee from logic.

          • Sounds like you are a refugee from a dictionary.

          • Oh, so anything that might negatively affect refugee’s is now an attack on Ontario?

            1) Not all refugee’s live in Toronto.
            2) Healthcare is a provincial responsibility. If Ontario wants to give free healthcare to fake refugee’s, they can pay for it.

          • You had to come to Ontario for work….I see you as a refugee.

    • Another idiot who doesn’t realize that a massive flood like the one in Alberta causes so much more damage than a simple ice storm. Hundreds of homes in Alberta were destroyed. People’s lives were in danger. Major infrastructure was destroyed.

      But oh! There was an ice storm in Toronto, so we want billions of dollars too! Gift cards for everybody! Call in the army to distribute the gift cards cause it’s cold outside, and precious flowers in Toronto shouldn’t have to go outdoors when it’s cold!

      But yes, Kathleen Wynne is doing a wonderful job of bankrupting Ontario in order to buy votes for her corrupt, dishonest, criminal government. It’s always nice to see a reminder that the average Toronto voter only cares about sucking as much as they possibly can out of the rest of the country and province. Hands down the most selfish and self-centered city in North America.

      • And of course the usual partisan tripe that Harper is promoting against a Lib govt in Ont

        And a major attack on Toronto.

        We know where you get the memos Rick

      • Rick I really hope you live in Alberta, otherwise you must really enjoy self-harm as anyone living in Ontario who is foolish enough to vote for these particular types of radical Reform Party right wing extremists, is absolutely voting against his/her own interests. First of all your comment about the Alberta floods shows the typical limitations of the Conservative mind. Yes we all agree that the Alberta floods were more severe than the ice storm and the Toronto floods combined. Rather than listening to scientists and planners who advised NOT to build on flood plains, the Alberta cons built there anyway. Now when disaster struck, instead of taking “personal responsibility” as the Conservatives love to always preach, they came hat in hand and begged the federal government for a handout. And they got it. To the tune of $2.8 BILLION DOLLARS. Every penny they asked for. Not an ounce of scrutiny, just a massive handout. So again, if your position is that Alberta was entitled to that $2.8 BILLION then how can you possibly argue that Toronto doesn’t deserve $250 MILLION from Ottawa for disaster relief when we got hit?

        • 1) I like how you turn a $60M need into a demand for $250M. How typically Liberal of you.
          2) Where did I say that Ottawa shouldn’t help Toronto financially with the costs associated with the storm?

          All I was doing was pointing out how utterly ridiculous it was of you to compare an ice storm to a flood of biblical proportions. You’re not making yourself look any brighter now, either.

          • Clearly you suffer from the same ailment as Jim Flaherty as you can’t even get your basic numbers straight. The Toronto floods cost us around $65 Million. We haven’t been compensated by Ottawa at all for that yet, 6 months later. The ice storm damage and cleanup has cost about $200 Million so far. Now if we use the magical wizardry of ADDITION, something the conservatives have a hard time with, 65+200 = $265 MILLION!!! I actually rounded down to $250 MILLION. So where you came up with $60 million as a total for those 2 disasters, clearly comes from the same place where Jim Flaherty got his “no deficits” pledge as he ran up a $55 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT in 2009. Once again your hypocrisy shines through. You don’t scrutinize whatsoever the $2.8 BILLION that Alberta received for foolishly building on floodplains, but you make up a $60 Million figure when even Blob Ford has said it’s about $250 Million. Will you apologize for your mistake? And will you stop arguing with me and agree that Toronto should receive the $250 million from Ottawa when Alberta received their $2.8 Billion no problem.

          • Nobody made any requests to Ottawa for “flood” compensation. By the way, how much infrastructure was damaged during that “flood”?

            As for math, maybe you didn’t read the article:

            The report, which is being discussed today, says Toronto faces in excess of $171 million in storm-related costs, including at least $106 million in damage from the severe ice storm that walloped the city in December.

            The report also notes that a severe rainstorm on July 8 that flooded parts of Toronto brought an estimated $65.2 million in costs.

            $106 + 65.2 = $171.2. Yet as a typical Liberal you ask for $250M because you think you should be reimbursed by the federal government twice for a “flood” that was really just a heavy rain storm.

            And then you go on to criticize other people’s math.

            Maybe this is how Kathleen Wynne ended up cancelling those gas plants for $1B when it could have been done for under $100M.

            Keep up the good work, you and your Liberals are losing credibility every time you try to talk about finance or math. But I know, math is hard.

          • Ya my bad at least I have the selflessness to admit it. I put in $200 instead of $100. Honest error. So it should be $100 + 65 so about $165 or the $171 that the article stated. Absolutely right. And btw those cleanup costs are still ongoing so they’re due to rise. But you’re the one that said it was only $65 million so you’re no one to talk. You were dead wrong and still won’t admit it. Typical conservative. Even with my typing error of changing $100 to $200, my final figure of $250 million was still much closer to the $171 in the article than your foolish, nonsensical $65. #admitwhenyou’rewrong. I know that means a lot of admitting to do, but hey you gotta start somewhere.

          • Keep digging!
            You sure your’re not in the pay of Big Stupid or Big Arithmetic?

          • So you do agree that Ottawa should send $170 million to Toronto for disaster relief? After all they had no problem sending $2.8 BILLION to Alberta in haste, no questions asked.

          • No questions were asked because the Federal Government was obliged, by law, to pay 90% of the damage costs of the Alberta floods. This is because Alberta declared it a disaster, which, under federal law, triggers automatic federal assistance.

            The city of Toronto should have made the declaration.

          • Typical conservative… defending a whopping $2.8 BILLION DOLLAR government HANDOUT to Alberta. So if the City of Toronto declares a disaster then you agree that the Feds should pay 90% of the estimated $170 Million in damages? I’m glad we can get that on the record.

          • Yes. Get that idiot mayor off crack, get that deputy to stop flying south and get that city council to declare an emergency and Toronto will get its cash automatically. These payments are mandated by the Emergency Measures Act. So yes I defend the payment to Alberta because I defend “the law.” Then buy Pearson workers some parkas and gloves and get them back to work.

            I am not a conservative, either, but thanks for assuming.

          • You’re really the last person who should be talking about math. I made a typo obviously from 100 to 200. You think that 250 is double 170.

            “$106 + 65.2 = $171.2. Yet as a typical Liberal you ask for $250M because you think you should be reimbursed by the federal government twice”

            You really have no issue making an absolute ass and fool of yourself do you?

            And your pro Alberta, anti-Ontario position knows no bounds. Once again you’ve demonstrated that you don’t want to scrutinize 1 penny of the $2.8 BILLION budget busting handout that Alberta received for building on flood plains they were warned not to build on. But when Toronto needs $170 Million for disaster relief to the most powerful, dynamic, significant economic centre of this country, you have a problem with it, you want throw in all these caveats. Why don’t you just admit that Toronto should get the $170 million from Ottawa? Simple question. Yes or no.

        • Not an ounce of scrutiny?
          Proof please.

      • It’s a shame that yet again despicable conservatives like you resort to mocking our fine Canadian Forces who are more than happy to help out their fellow Canadians when disaster strikes, anywhere in the country, including Toronto. We already know that more Canadian soldiers have died under Stephen Harper than at any time since the Korean War. And of course Stephen Harper supported the troops by sending them into the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan without the proper equipment, armor and vehicles. And now the CONS support the troops even more by making some of the massive cuts to military services in Canadian history, at a time when they need them most. So as the military suicides rise, and the despair sets in, our soldiers are left in the dark, all in an attempt to barely squeeze a tiny budget surplus in an election year after King Harper has racked up the largest deficits in Canadian history.

        • The only one who’s mocking the Canadian Forces is Kathleen Wynne by suggesting they should come clean up broken branches in Toronto.

          And classifying what happened in Toronto as a “disaster” is just plain stupid and goes to show what a bunch of sissies Toronto has become.

          • You were absolutely mocking the Canadian Forces when you said “Call in the army to distribute the gift cards cause it’s cold outside,”. The Ontario Liberals have not called on the troops to do that, you just made it up to mock the Forces. Admit it, apologize, move on. Act like an adult. I’ll give you a pass as no one is making a bigger mockery of our fine troops than Stephen Harper, who couldn’t wait to send them to their deaths in Iraq, sent many to their deaths in the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan, and is now cutting much needed military services here at home. King Harper and his cons had no problem spending billions to protect Afghan poppy fields, mineral deposits, and the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, but now he wants to cut military services here at home as military suicides are on the rise. For God’s sake, they have to buy their own parkas now cause Harper has cut their winter clothing and uniform budget. Just google Canada military cuts and do a little reading. Absolute shame. Massive military budget cuts under a right wing Conservative Majority government. Not a Liberal in sight to blame for this.

          • I think it’s pretty clear to anybody with a 5th grade reading level that I was mocking Kathleen Wynne. And I won’t apologize for mocking her, or any Liberal, ever.

            How many Canadian soldiers died in Iraq? Zero.

            Where did you come up with this crap that the armed forces are buying their own parkas? Now you’re just making stuff up.

            You’re embarrassing yourself. Stop it.

          • Once again you’re misguided, misinformed and quite simply WRONG. Here’s the article right here:

            They are absolutely being told to buy their own parkas as well as other items.

            Perhaps you need to turn off the $20 million dollar money pit that is Sun Noise and get your information from other sources. These aren’t opinions, these are FACTS. You clearly live in a bubble where facts, reality, stats, information, gravity and evolution just do not exist.

            You are right that no Cdn soldiers died in Iraq. Do you know why? Because LIBERAL Prime Minister Jean Chretien actually stood up for the troops and said NO to the Iraq War against Harper and his Reform Party cons who were begging to send our troops there. Are you now going to deny that? Because the video evidence of Harper supporting the Iraq War is readily available. Along with Don Cherry and many other Conservative NON-thinkers like yourself. Just imagine how many hundreds of Canadian soldiers would be dead if Harper and the CONS got their way, how many thousands wounded, how many billions of dollars wasted. I say God Bless Jean Chretien for making the right decision to keep us out of that disastrous war. Anyone who claims to support the troops should be calling for statues to be built in the man’s honour.

          • The proof is right there. Will you admit you were wrong, that I didn’t make it up and that the Canadian Forces are indeed being told to buy their own parkas. Admit you’re wrong and made a mistake, prove for once that you have some minor degree of maturity.

          • LOLOLOL Yes, I will admit you were wrong.

            FYI – The Cadets aren’t the Canadian Forces.

            I’ll also point out that it was the Liberals under Jean Chretien that sent the Canadian Forces (not the Cadets) to Afghanistan, not Harper as you seem to believe.

          • The question was for you to admit YOU were wrong. Which you clearly refuse to do because you have the brain of a bird, and lack any type of intellectual integrity. Even staring right at evidence that proves YOU WERE WRONG, you won’t admit it. You truly are a conservative at heart. And now you’ve resorted to not only mocking the Canadian Forces but also the fine Canadian Cadets which are indeed a part of the Canadian Forces. Let me repeat that. The Cadets ARE A PART of the Canadian Forces. Once again you’re dead wrong and clearly know nothing about this country. The Cadets have been around since Confederation, they serve and honour this country, only to be mocked by you and forced to buy their own parkas by the Harper CONS, all the while having despicable anti-Canadians like you deny these facts.

          • I gotta tell ya, I really do think it’s absolutely shameful that YOU think that Canada’s cadets should have to buy their own parkas and clothing because Harper and Flaherty couldn’t find a budget surplus if it hit them in the face. These are people who serve their country while the CONS in govt are selling Canada out. 70% of the oil sands are now FOREIGN OWNED to companies like Chinese state-owned CNOOC thanks to Harper. The Cadets don’t need to be demeaned by conservatives like you. They do their duty to this country, they deserve to be properly equipped. If corporations like the big banks that you love to protect who make billions of dollars have to pay 16% tax on their profits instead of 15%, I got no problem with it. That would pay for a hell of a lot of other things too.

          • Massive military budget cuts?
            Harper increased the military budget, better check your song sheet….

        • Jean Chretien sent Canadians to Afghanistan so he could avoid joining the Iraq “coalition.”. Paul Martin’s dithering caused Canadian forces to transfer from Kabul to the much more dangerous Kandahar. Stephen Harper inherited the Afghan War from the Liberals.

          • Wrong again Bob but thanks for coming out. Jean Chretien sent troops to Afghanistan (starting in Oct. 2001) as part of Canada’s NATO commitment to help the United States go after Al Qaeda after conservative failures George Bush and Dick Cheney failed to protect America on 9/11. In fact Canadian Special Forces were with American Delta Force in Tora Bora and were prepared to take out Bin Laden but they got the order to stand down from the White House. Read Dalton Fury’s book. I understand conservatives have a hard time remembering what they had for breakfast let alone what happened 13 years ago. So I appreciate you calling Jean Chretien a genius with incredible foresight but I’m not sure why you think Jean Chretien sent Canadian troops to Afghanistan in October 2001 in order to avoid the Coalition of the Unwilling in 2003? You’re saying Jean Chretien knew in 2001 that George Bush was hellbent on sending 4,400 American soldiers to their deaths in Iraq 2 years later? Wow! He’s even more brilliant than I thought. Still Stephen Harper loses all credibility for wanting to send hundreds of Canadian soldiers to die in Iraq because of his Islamophobia. I’m sure we can all agree on that. Thank goodness Jean Chretien was in command of our Forces to prevent that tragedy. We really need to be building statues in the man’s honour. Anyone who supports the troops must surely agree with that. Jean Chretien avoided a catastrophe for our Canadian Forces in Iraq. One that Stephen Harper wanted so badly.

          • I’m glad you and I are so agreeable. Thanks for pointing out how correct I am in that Stephen Harper DID NOT send anyone into Afghanistan.

    • Are you on acid?
      Or are you seriously that ill informed?
      Where do you loons get this nonsensical drivel?

  3. I knew there were a lot of low information voters around, but I didn’t realize just how low that low is.
    This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.
    Justin might just have a chance if the media can keep the LIV’s uneducated and buffaloed.

    • You’re the epitome of the low information voter. And I’m sure that’s the only people you hang out with. You just admitted below that you didn’t even know that Stephen Harper was engaging in massive military cuts.

      • He increased the budget after the liberals gutted the military, try a history book, or a newspaper.
        As for massive cuts now, better check your dictionary; look up the meaning of the word ‘massive’.

        Thanks for coming out and showing us the mind of low information voter.

    • Canada is a very liberal progressive country. Conservatives are despised here. So Justin Trudeau will win in 2015, unfortunately the Conservatives will have done to Canada what George Bush did to America.

      • Is despising anyone with a different opinion part of that liberal progressive philosophy?

        • Projection much. Pretty sure nobody hates the US government and US President Barack Obama more than the Tea Party. Stephen Harper basically denounced and discarded entire swaths of this great country of ours with his oft repeated “separatists and socialists” mantra. Millions of Canadians were somehow inferior because they chose not to vote for a right wing zealot. Viewing political opponents as the enemy is far more of a conservative philosophy than a liberal one. Liberal activists release doves in the air, call for world peace and tie themselves to a tree. On the other side, Sarah Palin puts a target on Gabby Giffords and soon enough the beautiful Congresswoman gets shot in the head with an easily obtained firearm. Abortion doctors are killed, Planned Parenthood clinics are bombed, and Sikh temples are shot up. Right wing terrorism has killed more Americans each and every year for the last 10 than Islamic terrorism. So if you want to talk to me about liberal progressive philosophy, I’d be happy to talk about universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, taxing the rich, clean air, clean water, fair labour standards, rights in the workplace, taking care of the poor, the disabled and the weakest among us (all the groups conservative love to attack). All of that while keeping our troops safe and balancing the budget. In other words, WWJD. And that’s coming from an atheist. You know.. basically what we had from 1995-2006. Also in other words, everything the conservatives have opposed for the last 100 years.

          • omg… use your brain… do you really think the world is full of good guys and bad guys? This isn’t a superhero novel. If you think leftist politicians don’t have their own agenda the same as rightwing politicians do… wow that is very naive, I really hope you’re not older than like 20 or so thinking like that, cause that’s scary… they’re all in it for personal gain. Come on now.

          • So are you admitting that I was basically correct about everything I put in the article above? The vast majority of it? 90%? Please let me know which fact you would like to dispute. That is far more effective, mature and adult rather than practicing age discrimination and using pathetic straw-manning tactics.

            “If you think leftist politicians don’t have their own agenda the same as right-wing politicians do… wow that is very naive”

            You really need to lay off the straw man attacks. Nowhere in my post did I say left wingers don’t have an agenda. In fact if you actually read it and digested the information properly, I posted their agenda quite clearly.

            LIBERAL AGENDA: “So if you want to talk to me about liberal progressive philosophy, I’d be happy to talk about universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, taxing the rich, clean air, clean water, fair labour standards, rights in the workplace, taking care of the poor, the disabled and the weakest among us (all the groups conservative love to attack). All of that while keeping our troops safe and balancing the budget. ”

            Don’t conservatives love to incessantly attack all those strong, courageous liberal positions?

          • I find your little foot stamping outrage simply hysterically funny!
            More please!

          • Are you still in Kindergarten? Let me know when you’re prepared to grow up and have a rational, informed discussion. Otherwise when you proudly present yourself as an intellectual slug writhing in the backwater… I find you useless and a waste of space on this discussion board. Please find something meaningful and informative to say, and leave the grade school comments for the Sun News comments section.

          • Gold Jerry, Gold!
            Give me more!

          • This is what you resort to when you’ve been soundly defeated intellectually? You conservatives are even more sad and pathetic than I imagined.

      • “Conservatives are despised here.” Generalize much. Please calm down a bit.

        • Thanks for agreeing with me. I am calm but thanks for caring. Canada is a liberal, progressive country. The Canadian people have voted 51%+ liberal for over the last 20 years. The Conservatives are despised here. There’s only 1 major federal conservative party in the country now and they’re polling at around 30% at best. Stephen Harper’s personal approval rating of 24% is lower than even George W. Bush at his lowest point. Again thanks for agreeing with me. Next time try to post something relevant rather than your hypothetical notion of the level of my calm..

          • Ever think about looking up the history of the ‘progressive’ movement?
            Nah, didn’t think so..

          • Actually yes I have read about it quite a bit so once again you’re wrong. Seems to be your trademark. The vast majorities of Canadians and Americans would gladly take the policies and administrations of liberal progressives like Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lester B. Pearson, Louis St. Laurent, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Jean Chretien. Over the disastrous calamities of conservative regressives like Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, RB Bennett, John “Union Jack” Diefenbaker, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and possibly the worst of all Stephen Harper.

            Conservatives brought us the Great Depression, Iraq War, 9/11, War on Drugs, Bush Crash/2008 Financial Crisis, 75% of Canada’s national debt, the Reagan Recession, the Early 90’s Recession, Nixon Shock, Diefenbaker wanted us to fly the Union Jack, anti-gay, anti- women, anti-black rights movements, xenophobia, anti-science, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, they push creationism, prayer in schools, oh and Prohibition.

            You can thank liberal progressives and liberal leaders for ending the Great Depression (FDR), winning World War II (FDR/Truman), landing a man on the Moon (Kennedy), staying out of the Iraq War (Chretien), universal healthcare (Tommy Douglas), Social Security (FDR), Medicare/Medicaid (Johnson), ending the Iraq War (Obama), killing Bin Laden (Obama), fighting for a Canadian flag (Pearson), Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Trudeau), a $230 billion surplus (Clinton) and 11 straight budget surpluses (Martin)…

            I could go on and on and on. But I’ve made my case.

            Case Closed.