Clement urges Canadians complete census

Long-form census optional, but still necessary, says industry minister


Industry Minister Tony Clement, who sent the country into a heated debate over statistics last summer when he made the mandatory long-form census voluntary, is now is urging Canadians to voluntarily complete the new National Household Survey. Clement touts the fact Canadians will no longer face jail time for not answering “personal and intrusive” questions. At the same time, the industry minister praised the decision of a Saskatoon judge to let Sandra Finley go without jail time for her refusal to complete the census, on the grounds that StatsCan had purchased software from Lockheed Martin. Census-takers are expecting that, at best, only 65 to 70 percent of Canadians will complete the questionnaire, prompting the Industry Minister to remind Canadians that “completing the census is important for data purposes.” At 35 pages, the National Household Survey is still a fairly long and extensive questionnaire that asks Canadians about their religion, ethnicity and financial information.

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Clement urges Canadians complete census

  1. Tony Cement can spindle and insert.

  2. I hope no one fills it out. That'll learn em.

    • I hope only Muslims fill it out. Just to scare the bejeebers out of the CPC.

      • You mean the new Harper/Hamas party! (they'll say anything to keep power, after all!)

      • That reminds me, is Steyn on vacation?

  3. Hahahahahahaha!

    What a dunderheaded fool!

  4. Tony Clement is going to be absolutely amazed how much Canada has changed over the last 5 years. ;-)

    Sort of like how 15 year-olds are absolutely amazed how much their parents learn in the time that it takes the child to become 25 years old.

  5. how about you drink as much as you can and fill out the 35 page doc, then before you remember what you wrote, send it off

  6. Clement commended the judge for not convicting the lady for refusing to fill the form. Yeah, right. Like this judge had a choice. Clement's flip-flopping on the long form issue has put the matter of statistics in complete turmoil and the data needed to make those statistics will no longer be reliable.

    • Cons voted 'Most Inconsistent Law and Order Party' – ever.

  7. I was sceptical of the entire 'Privacy' law when it was quickly raised & passed by a then majority Liberal Gov't without; in my opinion, any appropriate limitations embedded that could permit our policing authorities [which admittedly are not perfect] the ability to investigate and prosecute potential threats and criminals, and to safegaurd law abidding Canadians.
    These Privacy Laws seemed; in my opinion, a timely advent for the then in power politicians to hide behind, while potentialy being suspected of corruption or wrongdoing during their administration and possibly facing investigation. Remember the advertising scandal and financing of friends' hotels and golf clubs etc..etc..?
    How many living in Canada have something to hide by not filling out a long form census? I for one do not! Do you?
    Do you truly think this is not a useful tool for gathering beneficial information? Those with something to hide would probably lie anyway, and hopefully get caught, but many many more could provide information necessary for our Canada's future growth and administration.

  8. Tony Clement has bungled this non-issue incredibly badly. And businesses are the ones who will pay the price…they rely on solid demographic data and information to predict trends and assess markets. If only Tony was a real northerner…he would have understood that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

  9. Data necessary to determine the need for services can be gathered anonymously in a way that cannot be traced back to specific individuals. There is no need to violate people’s privacy for this purpose. The questions are an outrageous violation of privacy. I’m relieved that the National Household Survey is voluntary, but it’s still asking intrusive questions. The whole system needs to be scrapped and a new way of gathering data anonymously put in its place.
    And, BTW, I believe they are still using software and hardward from Lockheed Martin, the US arms merchant with its close relationship with US Homeland Security.

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