Clifford Olson denied parole -

Clifford Olson denied parole

Serial killer says he will no longer apply for release


The National Parole Board has rejected serial killer Clifford Olson’s application for parole, which Olson said would be his final attempt at securing his release from prison. “This is the last one,” Olson said of his application, “never again.” Olson was sentenced to 11 concurrent life sentences for the murders of eight girls and three boys in the early 1980s. This was Olson’s first bid for parole since 2006, when he was deemed a “clear and present danger” to the public who would likely murder again.

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Clifford Olson denied parole

  1. thanks for saving us the money and the time, you monster….

  2. go drown yourself in the toilet you fetid piece of turd and complete waste of oxygen , be grateful I'm not in power or you would die a slow painful death

  3. It is embarassing to me as a citizen to know government after government is far more concerned with the 'rights' of the perpetrators than the victims. To time and again put the relatives of the victims through this trauma is disgusting beyond words. Olson finally has done the right thing, providing he is true to his word and doesn't apply again for parole but that does that say for our government that the bad guy has more conscious than they do???

    • No government has ever been more concerned with the rights of perpetrators over victims.

  4. I honestly think we shouldn't put these pathetic monsters to death as tempting as it is. Rather, I think it would be much more appropriate to torture these dangerous offenders in prison, the most painful manner possible on a daily basis. They should be waking up to pure hell for the rest of their lives, without being able to 'off' themselves to escape the pain! I know it's a waste of oxygen and space keeping them alive, but death will permanently end their suffering and who knows for a fact that they will 'burn in hell' for the crimes they committed. So lets just make our own version of hell, one that we can guarantee exists.

    • Just let Olson out into the prisons General Population, Let the Solid Cons have fun with him,but not kill him……

  5. I suppose there could come a day when we could invent new kinds of torture on this sub-human natural mistake that just finally gave up applying for the freedom he will never see. A death penalty would have delivered apt justice albeit a little to quick and painless for someone who by most people's opinion, should be living daily in excruciating pain. Yeah, bring on stomach cancer for this bastard and everyone just like him.

  6. We are slowly getting it right.No more pension payments for this creep.Now we have to be vigilant that life means just that, not ten years or whatever fatuous figure corrections Canada pulls out of its butt.
    Every year innocent men are released , often after long periods of jail time. in some cases those victims were punished for refusing to admit false guilt by being forced to serve a rare full time sentence. Our justice system is slow,infested with PC dogma and barely competent,A system that is demonstrably not up to deciding capitol offence cases.

  7. My wife has MS, contributed to the CPP for over 20 years, and was denied her disability pension2 years ago. Even 2 appeals didn't help. Nice to see that all the while the Federal Gov't was subsequently handing out Pensions to prisoners whom in all likelihood didn't pay into the plan, nor likely did much in terms of an honest day's work. I guess that's where my wife's pension contributions went. All for a good cause, I suppose – to rehabilitate the likes of Clifford Olson. Nice to see our tax money being so wisely spent.