Clifford Olson dies in Quebec hospital

B.C. serial killer was serving 11 life sentences


Clifford Olson, the notorious serial killer convicted of killing 11 children in British Columbia, died of cancer on Friday in a Quebec hospital, CTV reports. Olson, 71, known as “the Beast of B.C.,” was serving 11 consecutive life sentences for the 1981 murders of eight girls and three boys. The case sparked controversy after a deal was reached that had Olson reveal the location of his victims’ remains to police in exchange for $100,000.

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Clifford Olson dies in Quebec hospital

  1. I am not a man who takes pleasure in hearing of the death of anyone … Clifford Olsen is an exception to that mind set!

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  3. NOW release his book, and take his entire estate and divide all of it between the victims families.
    It certainly would be interesting to understand his upbringing and the environmental aspects of his life that attributed to the manufacturing of this monster.

  4. Good riddance to bad rubbish.  What a complete waste of skin, and frankly, a very good case for resumption of the death penalty.

    My he burn in the ninth circle of Hell, and spend all eternity being corn-holed by Adolf Hitler and John Wayne Gacy.

  5. Now the Ultimate Judge can pass Final Sentence.

  6. Olson  dead At long last ……….But unfortunately  some where else in this country another one like him will come  unless some how we can figure these  freaks out and stop them before the start … be vigilant.. and always careful with the kids …..

  7. F*ck you Olsen. F*ck you!

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