Climate change to blame for muddy Olympics: Campbell -

Climate change to blame for muddy Olympics: Campbell

B.C. premier says carbon tax needed now more than ever


Cypress Mountain looked more like a mud bath than a ski slope for much of the Vancouver Games, and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell thinks he knows why: climate change. “In British Columbia,” he said, “we live with the problems that have been created by climate change. You just can’t turn your back on that.” However, Andrew Weaver, a climate scientist at the University of Victoria cautioned against relying on the all-too-common fallacy of linking weather and climate to argue the province is suffering the effects of climate change. “You can never point to a single weather event and say it is due to global warming,” he said. “The scientific community would get creamed for that.” Campbell’s claim greenhouse gas emissions wreaked havoc on his province’s Olympics comes just as the premier is girding for battle over his controversial carbon tax.

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Climate change to blame for muddy Olympics: Campbell

  1. Hey Campbell introduced a carbon tax already. All should be right with his province in the world. What's the matter Gordie?

  2. The fallacy here is that a carbon tax, or a carbon trading scheme will somehow reverse global warming. The scientific truth is that whether or not we can reduce or even eliminate GHG's, Global Warming will continue for the next 100 years. Carbon taxes are just a tax grab that will contribute to inflation. They will have little, or no effect.

    It is better for everyone to reduce GHG's by legislation and regulation, rather than taxation.

  3. Sounds like Campbell is getting in line with China, Venezuela and all of the other undeveloped countries that want in on the climate change gravy train. You had to know someone was going to say climate change was to blame eventually, why it took this long I don't know unless I wasn't paying attention, which is possible.

  4. The fallacy here is that a carbon tax, or a carbon trading scheme will somehow reverse global warming.

    The bigger fallacy is that they have anything to do with global climate injustice warming change or whatever they call it this week .

  5. campbell is an idiot,mild winters are not uncommon in bc. why don't he explain to people in the us. europe and asia why they are having the coldest winter for over 50 that all the fudged data has been exposed and over 130 scientists in britain are going to revisit the issue and publish the true numbers,he needs to pay attention and be honest for a change.

  6. Once again Campbell is wrong, or twisting the facts to suit his cause.
    The warm weather in BC this winter was predicted in advance, when an El Nino was detected forming in the Pacific ocean, early in the winter. This was a typical El Nino year. Warm and wet along the west coast of North America and very cold in the east and in Europe. Last winter along the coast of BC it was unusually cold with record snowfalls right through to the spring. Climate change is documented by readings taken over hundreds and thousands of years, not one winter.It is a pity that BC has such an itellectually timid Premier.

  7. What Campbell failed to mention is that climate change was also responsible for Canada's 14 gold medals. I mean let's get real here: if the climate hadn't changed between summer 2009 and winter 2009/2010, well then, there'd be no "winter" Olympics, would there?

  8. Let's hope the people of BC get rid of this goof in the next Election!

  9. AGW theory is driven by money, not science. Transfer of wealth from citizens to governments, transfer of wealth from "have" to "have not" countries, massive profits in carbon trading shell games. It's all about the money. This is why AGW will not "die" even in the face of evidence that discredits it…there is simply too much of an economy and tax base being built up on it.

    • Bingo! There's more than $100 billion at stake in the US alone. Al Gore has more than $12 million of his own money invested in companies that stand to gain hundreds of millions in congressional contracts. And what does Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace have to say about this? That AWG is marxist-driven hoodoo having nothing to do with scientific empiricism. Coming from the man who was Canada's highest profile environmental crusader for several decades, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt even if our marxist rabble foams at the mouth assassinating his character every way they can.