Clint Eastwood at GOP convention: Every which way but lucid

Twitter reviews of Dirty Harry’s stumbling vaudeville-like number


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Clint Eastwood at GOP convention: Every which way but lucid

  1. Clint Eastwoood’s performance at the GOP 2012 tonite confirms my belief that actors should stick to acting and forget about politics!

    • Nobody gets the joke. Eastwood set up the world with this role play and I
      am the only person to see it. He was recreating his role as Philo
      Beddoe and pretending he was talking to Clyde, The monkey !!!

      • Orangutan, actually, but who is counting.

  2. It was bold and inspired and uneven, but Eastwood delivered a stunning piece of performance art at the Republican Convention.

    The fact that so many supposedly sophisticated well-educated progressive talking heads didn’t get what he was doing shows what a$^$-retented pinheads they are.

    Shakespeare not only had fine speeches for the people in the boxes, but he also “played” for the people in the pits with “low” comedy and “truth-speaking” fools, who mocked the main players and action on the stage. (i.e. Shakespeare deconstructed himself with “low” comedy, embedded in his own plays.)

    Yeah, it was a bit uneven, but it reached the segment of the audience Eastwood was aiming at. Eastwood chose to “play” a fool rather than play a pontificating Sean Penn.

    If Clooney or any star gets a speaking role at Obama’s convention, Eastwood has totally neutralized their over-serious over-earnestness.

    • “…didn’t get what he was doing…”

      Ah, no.

    • Sean Penn has done more for mankind than all those idiots at the GOP convention have done in their entirety. Uneven? Wouldn’t crude, rude, insulting and loony be better descriptions. Do you think the far right wing want you as a person in their lives, someone like you marrying into their families. They don’t care about you, me the elderly, the sick, blacks, all people of color, Asian, people in other countries, Jews, Catholics, evangelicals and white trash except for their vote, unions, working Americans, not working Americans, WOMEN, children, the poor, the economy except their own, fairness, middle class, the rest of the richest 1%, the educated, the uneducated, college students, physical labor, being a real man spiritually and physically but many would rather be bloated Limbaughites.

      All they care about is getting richer, treating people like shit, perhaps golf, probably not even their wives, guns, and making slaves of everyone else in the world including other Americans. I forgot they like to wave the flag in their phony obsequious ways. I forgot they love us getting into wars to try to act masculine and make loads of money yet never find their way into the military and certainly not their offspring either.

      • Eastwood was doing a really short version of Lear and Hamlet mixed together. Art is supposed to be provocative. When a Toronto playright writes crude plays about Harper, it is praised and endorsed by the progressive media. But when a libertarian leaning actor takes a few digs at Obama in a performance piece, it is an abomination.
        Eastwood isn’t a “rabid” right winger.

        This performance piece was not exactly a free ride for the right wing either.

        And you realize that Obama has not prosecuted a single bankster. And bailout money still flows like water to Wall Street, and zippo to Main Street. You realize that Obama uses the standard terrorist tactic of double tapping during his rain of drone attacks on brown people…i.e. of hitting the rescuers and first responders with a second missile after the first responders go into assist the victims of the first missile.

        • Hmmmm, so if Romney/Ryan get in and continue not to jail banksters,continue funneling money to wall street, continue to double tap brown people while hitting all the first responders i’ll look forward to seeing you up in arms…

      • When he’s not attacking cameramen, Penn is enabling dictators. He’s the lowest scum of the earth.
        It’s only fitting he married Madonna, and then beat her with a baseball bat.
        He’s been arrested for assault and vandalism and has spent time in jail.
        He’s garbage.
        Eastwood and Penn are not even the same species, Penn is somewhere in line with snails, leeches and mosquitoes.

    • Ah, yes.

    • Well, he sure was foolish.

  3. Eastwood is a big asshole and when it comes down to it all he just hates black people and minorities and there really is no political side of this speech. all the things he sed were bull shit lies and no facts. he is the tipical republican dick head that has no clue about government .

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • It’s Reagan. Eastwood WAS a better actor, has not helped mankind with his millions and is about as senile as Reagan was.

  5. It’s time for Clint to pack up his saddle and get into an assisted living facility. Nighty nite!

  6. I read that everyting and everybody was obliged to be and be screened to confirm that they were in line with “romnology” – except Eastwood. What an epochal demonstration of cronyism of exceptionalism of the supposed real elite.

  7. Is Maclean’s pulling some kind of sick joke with this headline?

  8. It was very lucid to me. But then I’m not a pretensions wanker and I like a bit of humor served up with the facts.

  9. Mr. Eastwood’s comments made me uncomfortable, but especially the subtext of “make my day.”

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