Clinton announces new sanctions against North Korea -

Clinton announces new sanctions against North Korea

“We are looking for irreversible denuclearisation”


During a visit to South Korea, Hillary Clinton announced new U.S. sanctions against Korea. The new measures aim to “discourage further provocative actions” following North Korea’s alleged sinking of a South Korean warship in March, killing 46 people—an act which Pyongyang denies. The new measures will affect the sale and purchase of North Korea’s arms and luxury goods and is intended to curb nuclear trade. Clinton said that she expects North Korea would “take certain steps that would acknowledge their responsibility” for the sunken warship.

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Clinton announces new sanctions against North Korea

  1. And I'm looking for a Tesla Roadster.. bets on who gets what they're looking for first?

    • I would probably bet on you Thwim, but even the chances of getting theTesla (maybe next year) are pretty slim …..

  2. Reaction from North Korea, "Big woop."

  3. Unless the United States is planning to direct the sanctions against Kim Jong-il personally, they will have no impact other than to make the lives of 99% of North Koreans even more miserable than they are now. North Korea has an extremely powerful military; if it is the United States' intention to force the peasants into an uprising against their leader, it will turn into a bloodbath and many innocent civilians will perish.

    • Given the sheer size of the North Korean military, perhaps they are imagining less of a mere peasants' uprising, so much as a coup d'etat led by more enlightened higher ups in the North Korean military who are both more privy to the reality of the situation than the average peasant, and in a position to potentially challenge Kim Jong-il. Surely some charismatic general in the country realizes how insane his Dear Leader really is…

      Though I'd agree that sactions aren't exactly going to help the dissidents all that much (the autarky/Juche economic policy means it will actually have little effect either way). Rather, their purpose seems to be to prevent other countries from supplying more nuclear tech to the North Koreans, or enriching the military-industrial complex of the country from arms trades (though how such sanctions could be enforced without a more serious embargo is beyond me). I doubt the imported 'luxury goods' mentioned would have gone into the hands of any but a select few elite in the country anyway.

      And given that North Korea has said that new sanctions would be considered an 'Act of War', this move seems primarily to be the Obama administration calling their bluff.

    • I may be mistaken, but my understanding is that these sanctions are specifically against trading in arms and luxury goods: neither of which I would expect to affect North Korean peasants (and neither of which I would really expect the US to be capable of effectively blocking N. Korea from obtaining). My source is the video at… and the related sources from that video.