Clinton heading Haiti relief -

Clinton heading Haiti relief

U.N. announces the ex-president will co-ordinate international aid efforts


U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has announced that Bill Clinton will begin leading international relief efforts in Haiti. The former president has also been asked by U.S. President Barack Obama to join another former president, George W. Bush, in raising funds, and will be traveling to Haiti Friday to deliver emergency supplies and meet with the country’s leaders. “More than three weeks after the earthquake, the relief efforts in Haiti have been increasing to meet staggering needs, but the long road to recovery has just begun,” Clinton said. It’s now believed that more than 200,000 people were killed in the massive earthquake that struck the country last month, while another 300,000 were wounded  and over a million left homeless.

Agence France-Presse

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Clinton heading Haiti relief

  1. Mary O'Grady, WSJ, Jan 24 2010:

    "According to sources familiar with the issue, word has already gone out that Mr. Clinton has been unofficially designated by the multilateral aid community as the conduit through which anyone who wants to participate in the country's reconstruction will have to go. "That means," one individual told me, "if you don't have Clinton connections, you won't be in the game."

    A person entrusted with this much power should have an impeccable track record. Mr. Clinton's record doesn't come close. Indeed, the last time he offered to "help" the country, he propped up a corrupt despot who proceeded to go into business with key Democrats and left the country poorer, institutionally bereft and riddled with political violence."

    • Clinton caused at least 30% of the problems in that country. After he forced the return of the dictator Aristide, Things went from bad to worse. I am happy he is involved as Haiti needs all the help it can get but I am also mindful that he did a lot of damage when he got involved in Haitian matters and willingly or not, led to the terrible situation that existed right before the quake, I only hope he learned his lesson first time around.

  2. i think he is doing agood thing by helping the haitian after the earthquake