Closing Ceremonies: The Live Blog -

Closing Ceremonies: The Live Blog

ANDREW COYNE with the minute-by-minute commentary, some of it respectful


As we wait for the closing ceremonies to start, CTV, for one, is anxious to show you that they are very mindful of the bilingual character of Canada, via a two-handed rendition of I Believe….

And we’re off.

Cool: don’t hide the opening ceremonies malfunction: celebrate it. Takes moxy to make fun of yourself. And Catriona gets to light the flame already.

And Catriona descends into the gates of hell…

It’s the march of the dancing white people! With, a band that looks a lot like Coldplay.

And now they’re moving into formation as .. a lot of people with snowboards. No, it’s Olympic Rings. No, it’s … well now they’ve broken it up again. As we go to commercial.

The Official Party! I was waiting for that to begin. Oh, they mean dignitaries. I see the native chiefs’ bus didn’t break down this time.

The Prime Minister in an Olympic team jacket. Some debate here whether it suits him. I say it’s slimming.

The anthem. Is there any country on earth, by the way, that breaks into the national anthem as spontaneously as Canadians? My theory? It’s easy to sing. It has a particularly beery quality to it, if you’ve noticed: that last chorus of O Canada seems almost made for slurring.

Joannie Rochette! The right choice, on balance, for Canada’s flagbearer. Yes, Charles Hamelin won two gold, but Joannie was … incomparable.

And the athletes parade in, en masse, all the nations of the earth mixed together.  So why is it all Americans? Oh here dcome the Germans, in their licorice Goodies outfits.

I have to say, all cynicism aside, when you see the athletes all together, the pressure of competition passed, you do start to believe in the whole Olympic ideal thing. They look so happy and relaxed, and you can imagine the friendships that have been formed. Right,, now back to the cynicism.

… Okay, I’ve just missed the last 10 minutes thanks to WordPress. But it was fine, wasn’t it? Lots of Canadians.  Melissa Hollingsworth looks quite nice when she’s not crying. And Jon Montgomery, looking decently sober.

Canadian musicians I’v e never heard of! It’s like a 1970s Juno Awards!

Is it just me, or is this the tune to Since You’ve Been Gone?

A salute to the volunteers. Seriously well-deserved. Everyone I know who had anything to do with them has universally positive experiences to report.

The Greek national anthem, on the other hand, you couldn’t really belt out in a bar. Unless you’re Greek, I suppose.

Ben Heppner rocks the Olympic anthem. Another moment of Canadian pride: if he were an alpine skier, he’d have nailed the downhill, oh, .34 seconds off the Austrian.

Mayor of Vancouver hands off the Olympic flag to Mayor of Sochi. Okay, you can let go of the flag now, Greg. Let go of the flag. Let – Greg! Ah, at last. International incident averted.

Russian anthem next. Turns out it’s still the Soviet anthem. As in: Greatest. Anthem. Ever.

You don’t belt this anthem out in a bar. You rent a concert hall.

I’m guessing the Latvians and Estoninans aren’t singing along, however.

Russian supermodels! Followed by wraithlike figures in glowing giant gel-like snowballs. Yes, the opening ceremonies in Sochi promise some advanced Russian weirdness.

Where ARE we? First we’re in Red Square, with a Russian orchestra, then we’re back in Vancouver, with the Russian ballet, nw we’re  in Sochi, figure-skating by the sea (which is a mega-cool idea.) Now we’re back in Vancouver again with a floating opera diva dressed like a butterfly. Which is actually an Italian idea, but who’s counting?

Which leads naturally to … Alexandr Ovechkin. And several small children. Question: Would you let your children near Ovechkin? I don’t mean he’d do anything improper or untoward. Just eat them.

Oh GOD NO: John Furlong speaking French!!! That’s Diefenbaker French. Worse. National unity set back 30 years.

Question: what’s worse? No French, or Furlong French? Moliere dying several more deaths.

Patriotism broke out across the country. Give ‘er!!!

“You are the wind beneath our wings.” Did he really say that? A Bette Midler song?

Score: Blue Jackets 1, Cypress weather 0. Mad cheers in the Whistler village for the volunteers.

Tribute to the deceased Georgian luger. Furlong’s Georgian is better than his French.

A big shout out to the concept of the “right to play.” But not, strangely, to Right to Play, the Canadian-based organization dedicated to promoting sporting opportunities for disadvantaged youth. They were shut out of the games, on account of an unfortunate choice of sponsors: Mitsubishi, rather than Games sponsor GM.

IOC chief Rogge speaking now. The Best Games Ever? “These were excellent, and very friendly games.” I think we’ve been dissed.

Neil Young. Looking remarkably like Jimmy Fallon, doing Neil Young. You know what would be cool? If he started doing an imitation of Fallon…

And Neil Young disappears into the bowels of the earth, where Catriona Lemay Doan had gone before.

Now its’s Canada Geese flying through a blizzard.  And from their midst comes… William Shatner! Okay, so this is the self-deprecating part of the ceremony. Waiting for him to do Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.

“Canadians, with four beers inside them, can successfuly proounce Straits of Juan de Fuca, without being censored.” Seriously: is there ANY other country that could pull that off?

Catherine O’Hara. “Hurry hard.” Fuckin’ A! Oh lord, I’m about to be overtaken by an attack of Canadian pride. “Guests, like fish, start to stink after three days. When you pee your name in the snow, we know who you are. Canadians say sorry 10, 20 times a day and we’re sorry it’s not more. We’re sorry you thought Canada was one big frozen tundra.” I don’t know if the rest of the world is getting this, but my God she’s killing here.

Michael J. Fox with another oddly Canadian moment. “I know I’ve been living in L.A. for 30 years, but…”

Michael Bublé as a Mountie, singing the Maple Leaf Forever. It’s a great, great song — but isn’t it banned? “Wolfe the dauntless hero came?” Bloc MPs, to your microphones!

Leading into masses of dancing Mounties. This is getting seriously campy. Followed by hordes of hockey players who can’t skate. But no: it’s a giant game of table hockey! This whole ceremony is a giant in-joke. Outstanding.

Dancing maple leaves, followed by giant inflatable beavers, Disnelyand lumberjacks, bears, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud.

I’m serious: no other country could pull this off. No other country would even think to do it. You think the French have this kind of sense of humour about themselves? The British? The Germans?

OH GOD: Just when things are going so well, they bring out Nickelback. Cancel last half hour’s posts.

A colleague has a theory: Nickelback is still part of the whole self-deprecating thing. “The joke’s on them.” Uh, no: way too meta.

Avril: Is she meta, or meta-meta? Is she making fun of the whole concept of making fun of yourself?

Alanis!?!? Of course, the thing you have to realize is, half these athletes are 19-year-olds from Eastern Europe. They’re probably only getting Alanis records now.

All these cool Canadian bands – Arcade Fire, High Dials, Hot Hot Heat — that we’re never going to hear.

Simple Plan, doing Nickelback? Am I right? There’s self-depreating, and then there’s just lame… squared. Oh God, make it end. Next we’ll have Paul Anka doing Simple Plan doing Shania doing Avril doing Trooper doing…

Now, from Toronto: K-OS! Nothing says street cred like fame American rap! Not to mention Canadiana…

That’s it? That’s the end? Bad rap, acid-wash jeans, and giant purple spheres? This is a joke, right?


Closing Ceremonies: The Live Blog

  1. I'm eagerly anticipating some hard-boiled cynicism tonight.

    • Furlong's French seems to have deteriated over the last two weeks. He obviously cut classes during the Games. What a slacker.

  2. This is less fun than twitter, but I guess you get ad views out of it, so I can't complain.

    Harper got one incredibly tepid reception for a crowd that happy, I gotta say…

  3. Thank you! I've been waiting for someone else to hear the "Since You've Been Gone" similarity! Thought I was going crazy…

  4. One young Canadian singer seems to have won the gold medal for overexposure.

    • Even though no one has heard of her before, we are all now completely tired of her!

      Yet another record broken at these momentous Games.

  5. Canadian musicians I've never heard of sounds like pretty much any Juno's award to me. Don't limit yourself Andrew.

  6. I didn't mind the lack of French at the opening ceremonies, but forcing English kids to sing the anthem in a broken French seems like a slap in the face. Can't VANOC do anything right?

    • Ya aren't there any truly billingual kids out there%

      • No there aren't. Only a generation or two of people who speak both languages badly because they never learned either one properly.

    • Yeah, but I'm sure they've been scrambling for the past two weeks trying to fit some French in where they could. Sigh.

      I can't shake the feeling that if the Ceremonies were produced by a Canadian, the flow between French and English would be seamless. It's so forced, like an afterthought…

  7. I thought the mime was doing it in passable french.

  8. From what I gather, the MC was doing French and English. I think the issue was that the ceremony didn't have a cultural/french component similar to what the Prairies/Atlantic Canada got.

    • Oh I agree.

      Compensating the previous lack by forcing English people to sing in French is not meant as flattery. Ergo, "What did the hand say to the face? Slap!"

  9. Dudley Do-Right would be proud right now. Snidley Whiplash? Not so much.

  10. One ping only.

  11. I don't think I will ever be able to drink enough to make John Furlong's speeches tolerable. Slowly…. getting… tired…. zzz

    • He was truly awful.

      Perhaps that was VANOCs way of really saying "screw you" to those who complained about the lack of French in the opening ceremonies?

  12. Our “humble Canadian story”? He didn’t really say that did he? The one thing about the Canadian story — for better or worse this time — was how little modesty we showed. The good thing is we’re Canadian. But if the Germans had been this nationalistic during the 2006 World Cup every neighbouring country would have been a little nervous.

    • Is that Buble in the Red Serge in front of the cheesy Rockyscape – oh God, this is bad. Wait – CTV is telling us it's humourous…

  13. Furlong French is worse. I'm starting to know how it must have felt to listen to Dion represent us at the Global Climate Summit.

    An ideal situation would have been for Furlong to have a Laquet speak French for him.


    Furlong speak only French and Jogue only English.

    • But Rogge's french is beautiful!

  14. Is it too late to get Sidney Crosby and Rick Nash out with Neil Young?

    • witty comment!

    • At least for some stills (photos)

  15. Furlong French is worse. I'm starting to know how it must have felt to listen to Dion represent us at the Global Climate Summit.

    • Agreed. which is why I appreciated his speaking French even more. Au moins il a fait un effort…….c'est bien apprécié.

  16. Pretty laid back compared to the opening ceremonies. More like the Ed Sullivan show on a Sunday night. Somehow don't think we will be so excited in 2014 – bu everybody needs to have a party sometime. betcha those athletes are dying to get it over with so they can party – and so they should!

  17. I love this and not just because I run a soccer blog named The Maple Leaf Forever.

  18. Guest appearance by La Bottine Souriante. Excuses EVERY bilingualism foibles.

  19. Gimme a break! "Writing your name in the snow?" This is an INTERNATIONAL EVENT….we're supposed to be HOSTS……..not hosers! yet another embarassment for Canada…

    • If peeing in the snow embarasses you, you're not Canadian.

  20. Right after Buble it went seriously down and down and downhill. J'aime bien le Canada mais c'est vraiment moche.

  21. Oh Canada, we stand on guard foooooor theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  22. Here in the U.S., NBC has just cut out from the coverage of the closing ceremonies in favor of its own programming. We have to stay up another hour to see anything else. Phooey on NBC. Off goes the TV.

    Amazing efforts by the athletes! Tchao.

  23. Nickelback didn't actually sound half bad…I was pretty ugh about it when they first came out but they sorta changed my mind. I was completely blown away when crappy a*s little Avril Lavigne came out and was signing OVER a pre-recorded track…it sounded AWFUL, but she's sorta doing better….although it's still Avril Lavigne…..

  24. NBC cuts out just before Avril Lavigne. Does her name qualify as french content?

  25. Morrisette? Sounds kinda french to me. +1/2 points.

  26. Was that Stephen Harper that got those boos as the closing ceremonies?

    • Yes, during the Furlong speech, after he says our last gold will be "remembered for generations". Although the boos could have been directed at Gordon Campbell, who was beside Harper, obnoxiously waving a flag like a young child

      • I think they were doing the Lu cheer, not booing.

        • The look on Gordon Campbell's face led me to believe they weren't "Looo" cheers

          • Gordon Campbell probably doesn't know the difference.

      • Yes, it was definitely Luuu in reference to the hockey gold (although despite being a great goalie he can hardly be credited with winning it – he nearly lost it).

      • Do ya think?

        Of course the boos were for Campbell.

        And the Looos……..great save Luongo!!!!!!!

    • My first impression was the non-Canadians got fed up with our sustained aren't-we-the-best-thing-ever ovation, and let us ovating creeps have it. But that might've just been me.

      • It was just you.

  27. I'm a princess on the way to my throne.

  28. As kitschy as the ceremony is becoming the Marriage Ref currently showing on NBC is even worse.

  29. Alanis Moissette just about falling out of her dress!

  30. Carrottop (pre-steroids) used to do a female peeing in the snow joke (with a stencil). So, it's international (and sexist – looks like some guy who is lefthanded bTw )

  31. I wish I could relate. Gotta go pack. Moving to Russia.

  32. I thought the Sochi performance was the best part of the evening.

    I thought that the Vancouver mayor should have worn a suit.

    I thought that wnen Michael Bublé started singing, everything started going downhill; the show was getting tacky.

  33. This is almost like something out of that Michael Moore movie Canadian Bacon.

  34. me.

  35. I'm not sure if we Canadians celebrated patriotism or nationalism in the past two weeks. I wonder if some of our displays of Canadian pride was too in-your-face. Have we become more confident or insecure about ourselves?

    • You are the problem. Shut up and enjoy the moment. Your Canadian paranoia is showing.

  36. And the Canadian bacon added to the poutine appeared to be side bacon. The risks of contracting out to foreigners,

  37. Where's the multiculturalism?!!?!!!??!!!??

  38. Where's the hard power?

  39. I can see the trouble with picking a French Canadian band to play because the best of them usually have a Separatist tooth. One band that hits all the right buttons is Les Trois Accords, especially since they opened for the Rolling Stones 5 years ago.

    I'm with Coyne, so much talent in this country to pick from, all better than most of what we've seen tonight.

  40. I blame Harper for the 500 ft Beaver and Moose

    • He plans on making both part of his campaign

  41. That was totally embarrassing. It hit all of the wrong notes from start to finish. I was hopeful with Neil Young – but it went way south from there. It shouldn't have been about an insecure country trying to nervously define ourselves on the world's stage – i should have been a gracious country paying homage to the athletes of the world in celebration of their great efforts. The IOC will never want us to be a host nation again. The writers and producers of that show should be banned from ever having another job that involves entertainment.

    • Absolutely right on.

      Best opening ceremonies ever, worst closing ceremonies on record.

      What were they thinking?

    • What the hell were you watching? "an insecure country trying to nervously define ourselves on the world's stage"
      You've really got a complex if that's what you took from the performance. How about being embarrased by your opinion?

  42. Furlong" "After the ceremonies, everyone will know who we are". Well, we certainly aren't ethnically diverse, or artistic, or modest. We are floating beavers. What a disaster.

    • Ethnic diversity was front and centre. If you didn't see anything artistic about the ceremony you are culturally obtuse.
      And if you're worried about modesty, you shouldn't have been watching at all. Competition isn't about modesty. Modesty is for people who are more concerned with "personal bests" instead of actually winning something.

      • 'Culturally obtuse' – what on earth do you mean by that?

  43. I am stunned by how horrible that got


  44. Did I REALLY just see a 300 ft beaver and moose or am I just like any other Canadian and suffering from beer goggles?

    • It's a good question, but I had the same vision. Either the country is now so unified that we're even hallucinating together or they really did float giant beavers/moose towed by dancing lumberjacks past the sexy mounties.

  45. Furlong: "After the ceremonies, we will all know who we are." Well, we certainly aren't ethnically diverse. We are re-tread whities, cliches and floating beavers. What a disaster.

    • Get the stick out of your butt.

  46. Supposedly according to one of the media guides Martin Short was supposed to be one of the celebrity guests but somehow didn't make it in. According to the media reviews I have read so far in the US press the ceremony was actually viewed somewhat favorable.

    • Martin Short's wife had a heart attack I believe. And yes, it was received pretty well beyond the borders

  47. Agreed. It was godawful.

  48. And, because we haven't heard "I Believe" enough in the last two weeks, here it is again.

  49. I'm grappling to explain what I just saw. Maybe it was a clever ploy to make the opening ceremonies seem better.

    Highlights: The opening bit about the malfunctioning podium. And Neil Young.

    Lowlights: Everything else.

    Can we at least blame the Australian producers for this?


    • You should have stayed on the farm then.

      • Chad Kroeger? Is that you?

    • How could anyone not instantly love the floating euphoric moose towed by dancing lumberjacks in front of the sexy mounties? Perhaps you needed more beer to appreciate it.

    • I totally agree One Neil Young disappeared so did the ceremonies.

  50. Where was the representation from the Canadian hockey team? Why don't the French Canadian athletes sing O Canada ( Olivier Jean?) And American reporters; It is LOO not WOO Canada

    • Three possible explanations:

      1) They don't know it (It played everymorning at my high school… I doubt that is the case in Quebec)
      2) They don't want too
      3) It's kind of hard to sing in French when the crowd is singing it in English (Trust me, I've tried)

      Regardless, they are allowed to not sing. Let them be.

  51. can't believe how negative the comments are. while it's unfortunate that they picked a lineup of such relentless mediocrity for the concert part, the first half is still going down as the stuff of legend.

  52. Martha Av was signing live, the rest were not. I can not understand why we have to listen to pre recorded tunes and artists that lip to the music. Poor.

  53. Whoops i mean singing…….

  54. No men's hockey players at the closing ceremony – pathetic. R they too good for it?

    • I'm going with "exhausted and busy celebrating". And after a game like that, I can't blame them. I'm sure there's a lot of things they'd prefer to a mediocre concert.

      • I thought some had to leave town soon to get back to their day jobs – they have money paying commitments.

      • They had a private dinner.

  55. Things started to go wonky when Furlong sallied into French. Honestly when he came out with "Merci bien" I thought he said "messy BM"…yes, yes, I nodded thoughtfully, BM is messy, wait … what?

    But it definitely got better when the sexy Mounties came out. That was nearly the highlight, topped only by the airborne moose on ecstasy. Those were truly sublime.

    Got lamer after that, but the happy memories of sexy female mounties prancing under floating euphoric moose-balloons carried me through the rest of the show.

  56. OMG Andrew you describe my feelings exactly as I watched this big joke go flat. The closing ceremonies felt like watching an accident about to happen that you can't stop. I wished they had quit at Neil Young instead of erasing all those good feelings that surprised everyone over the last 17 days.

    • Again, the stick in your butt, get it out or go away.

    • Show's how much you know, Farmboy!

    • That's hitting below the belt. If the LA Times thinks it was good I'm going to have to start reconsidering my entire memory of the evening.

    • Yes, MF there really are people out there that enjoyed it. I have read lots of very positive things about the ceremony . Put some anonimity in a group and all hell breaks loose…There were a couple of monologues that I wasn't totally comfortable with but it was pretty creative overall.

  57. "NBC"? What is NBC?

  58. I am now listening to Mr Furlong butcher one of Canada's official languages for a second time, the replay is on in the background.

    I think you're right. This had to have been an up-yours message to those who complained about the lack of French in the opening ceremony. He HAD to know it was awful during rehearsal. And he went ahead with it anyways? Yeesh.

    But I will not let that diminish the success of these Games, and the well-deserved pride Furlong can feel. Now can we all scurry off to the john before the bill comes to the table? Oh, right, that's what we've been doing for most of the last couple of generations…

    • Oh, and the clown handyman for the cauldron at the start? That was bang-on perfect, and I agree it takes a special group to laugh at its own slip-ups, and invite us all to convert any harrumphs into laughing along with them.

      It reminded me of Stephane Dion. No, really. Remember when his pre-vote (for the Liberal leadership) long-winded speech got cut off for time? Dude wins the leadership and opens his acceptance with "Looks like you wanted to hear the end of my speech after all." That endeared me to him.

    • The dude shouldn't have to apologize for the language he speaks. That's what being a bilingual country should mean: you don't have to apologize for the language you were raised in, rather than having to apologize for not being raised in both.

  59. No Governor General. Harper has her locked up somewhere?

    • I was wondering as well. Why did she take almost no part in Olympics?

  60. What an awful closing ceremonies. It turned into a Juno show. CTV and Canadian Record labels pumping there artists at you. How disappointing. The opportunity was there to make it something deeper. It started out as a salute to the athletism that was on display, but in the end, the show became a sales pitch. Bye this shit music. I mean, they already beat me to death with the "Believe" them. I believe I believe! But I knew the shit hit the fan when Michael Buble popped up. Then Nickelback. That's like leaving dirty underwear out and you have company over. Most of the performances lip-synched too. Who was the demographic for this live rock show? 15 year olds? One or two "cool" bands would be great. How about some cirque du soleil? What else do we do in Canada, besides make some bad rock music, that we can entertain people with? And blow up dolls? I mean the beavers were kinda cool, but what the…? Who produced this schlock?

  61. What an awful closing ceremonies. It turned into a Juno show. CTV and Canadian Record labels pumping there artists at you. How disappointing. The opportunity was there to make it something deeper. It started out as a salute to the athletism that was on display, but in the end, the show became a sales pitch. Bye this horrible music. I mean, they already beat me to death with the "Believe" them. I believe I believe! But I knew the s**t hit the fan when Michael Buble popped up. Then Nickelback. That's like leaving dirty underwear out and you have company over. Most of the performances lip-synched too. Who was the demographic for this live rock show? 15 year olds? One or two "cool" bands would be great. How about some cirque du soleil? What else do we do in Canada, besides make some bad rock music, that we can entertain people with? And blow up dolls? I mean the beavers were kinda cool, but what the…? Who produced this schlock?

    • Wahhh to both of you. You sound like nothing but whiners. The door is always open for you to leave.

      • Not whining. Show was bad dude. Make that Doob.

    • The demographics was not just for 15 year olds, but obviously 15 year old boys. I did not appreciate the sexy mounties. That's not our stereotype of women.

  62. I thought the "maple leaf forever" bit was a deliberate 'in your face' to those who complained about a lack of french. Could they have picked a tune that would have set a worse tone for french-Canadians than that? Ha!

  63. Can the women put some clothes on?

  64. Stephen Colbert will have a lot of new material. I'm afraid to watch him tomorrow night.

  65. Does anyone know what the Grade 9 Students dressed in white with red snowboards made as a symbol?

    • Nope, CTV cut away from that too fast

      • Red maple leaf on white circular background – I think it reversed colours when they flipped their boards over.

    • It was a countdown to the beginning of the ceremony …. 10, 9, 8, 7 etc … each little area of kids formed the number as it was counted.

      It was hard to spot. My kid caught it, but by the time I saw what he was talking about they got to "1" and cut away.

  66. I was SO proud to be
    Canadian during the Olympics and then that god-awful closing ceremony made me embarassed all over again. Those feelings usually come out when we try to showcase our beautiful country and aleays fall flat. I knew that the ceremony would do the same once they opened with those snowboarders dancing to that horrible tune that hardly any Canadians know, let alone anyone in the World. Then John Furlong’s french… When it’s THAT bad, just don’t bother or get someone else to do the french parts. Insert more embarassing/shameful vibes here. Oh wait, more to come with those kids, CDN idol chick and the ‘I Believe’ chick who bops here head around so much I got whiplash. Were any of the Canadian comedians really that funny? Ya, okay, sure we can poke fun at ourselves but after the Juno-like horrible performances to follow, we sure as hell better be able to. I can’t believe my children’s children will still be paying the bill for all of that!!

    • You're embarassing! If you think that bad of where you come from go somewhere else. Furlong's french just fine for someone who is forced to speak a language that he doesn't really need to speak except to appease a very vocal minority. He spoke just fine.

      • Really nice contribution to this blog Doobsey! Gentle, subtle and tactful. Indeed, Canada needs more of your kind in order to be able to keep this country so smart and so well ahead of the rest of the world!

        By the way, I will provide you with the few words of advice already given to Tiredofthewhining:

        My suggestion is that you move further west and thus, have the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience consisting in visiting the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and its friendly inhabitants (not whining indeed, but sometimes biting, you'd better be careful), sunk by the huge weight of your crap…

        See, bilingualism did help us understanding each other!

  67. It reminded me of a high school production in the school auditorium.

    Too bad Rick Mercer wasn't in the show – oh, perhaps because he works for CBC and CTV wouldn't like it.

    CTV coverage was so bad.

  68. Sometimes a spoof is just a spoof, from start to finish.

  69. It appears, that based on this article and many of the people who write comments here, our country has way too many bitchers and whiners who don't have a constructive comment or thought. If you think the closing program was less than you would have liked, just think what those reading your comments think of you.

  70. "Russian anthem next. Turns out it's still the Soviet anthem. As in: Greatest. Anthem. Ever"

    Yes, it is wonderful. Still, i'm glad i don't know what the lyrics mean, i have a feeling i'd be much disappointed.

  71. "our country has way too many bitchers and whiners"

    Too true. It's the end of the games and everyone is relaxed and in a good mood. The light-hearted nature of the ceremonies and the self-deprecating humour (which, admittedly, did go overboard at times) was the right way to finish these games off. No need for serious displays on the greatness of Canada. The world's been watching us for two weeks and we won 14 gold medals. My only regret was there were no igloos.

  72. The Sov anthem is the best ever, but it sounds way better sung by the Red Army Choir. It just works a lot better sung by dudes than by mixed voices.

    • I like it better with the mixed voices.

  73. Disappointed with the closing ceremony. As it was very nice to see Michael J Fox representing Canada, where was Mike Myers, Jim Carey and Keifer Sutherland? It was great to hear from Allison Morrisette and the World knows her, what's up with the song she sang. Whey didn't she sing something the World has heard before? Where was Rush, and Celine Dion, instead we heard from bands that some of the World has never heard of. Our Canadian Athletes deserve more than that! You know that if this was held in the USA, there would be only the Top celebrities representing their Country. Why does Canada always do thing half assed? Our Athletes worked os hard and came through for Canada, why didn't the organizers of the event come through for Canada…shame on you!

  74. Wow… I didn’t think it would be possible, but in one hour, they managed to virtually erase all of the positives of the last 2 weeks.

    That was truly awful. Actually found myself cringing.

    While we might think everyone out there gets OUR kind of self-deprecating humour, they DONT!!. Not even the US understands us after living next to us for centuries.

    So after everything gets “Lost in Translation”, the world in which “CANADIAN” ENGLISH is not their first language believes….

    1) We breed in canoes because Cptn. Kirk said so…
    2) Catharine O’Hara told them they smell bad and its now time to leave.
    3) We cant get enough of Nickelback beer drinking/fighting anthems.
    4) We worship giant buck toothed rodent deities.
    5) We like our female law enforcements officers to put on whore makep and dress up in barely coochy covering mini’s and knee high go-gos

    Bet those last two were a huge hit in the entire islamic world.

    For God Sakes…. Ovechkin was posing with little children while a symphony was playing and we had flying moose!!

    I found myself praying that Celine Dion was going to ride out on an elephant and salage everything, but sadly…no.

    Kill me now.

    • I'm surprised they didn't have her sing 'the song' from the bow of an ice breaker.

      • Get a life Flip. Your comments are over the top and ridiculous

  75. Is it me or was the Old Russian Anthem militant and overwhelmingly out of place for such a human, down to earth, green and friendly olympics. Here comes Red Square, Stalinism and a country with 10's of thousands of nukes…come visit us! We have sterile circles :)

    • Out of place eh? What would you have suggested in place of the next host's national anthem? I guess the British national anthem was a bit too imperialisitc in a people's republic at Beijing – overwhemingly!

      And Stalin? I don't know that I watched the same broadcast as you…I don't know how you get Stalin from that short segment – maybe too many Cold War movies for you – consider that not all Russian heritage = Communist Stalin heritage, lot of the presentation items (images, music etc.) predate the Bolsheviks.

      Hopefully it was just you – it thought the Russian Sochi segment was the highlight of the ceremonies

      As for the comment about it being a Soviet anthem – not exactly true.

      Tune is the same lyrics are different….

  76. The Olympic closing ceremonies were humiliating!. They were nothing like the opening ceremonies. Ceremonies should have class and Catherine O'Hara was not only 'unfunny' but crass. There was a decided lack of culture. How sad that a better array of Canadian performers could not be found to sing. The anthem was butchered again and Michael J Fox? Really? Better off choosing an athlete or anyone else who actually lives in Canada for his role.

  77. Will you hypersensitive French people people who keep commenting about perceived slights against Canadians who speak French ever GROW UP? Seriously – people like you are making a mess of the country. First of all, it would be nice if everyone just thought of themselves as CANADIAN – not French-Canadian, whatever-Canadian. Secondly, someone who is not bilingual made the effort to speak in French an all you can do is complain? GROW UP. English-speaking Canadians are the majority, yet for the most part I don't hear them complaining about the constant pandering to the French that insiduously has become the norm these days. The French version of every speech was spoken before the English version. Is that not good enough for you? Or will you be only happy if no English is spoken at all? Do you care that the closing ceremony didn't reflect the multicultural makeup of Canada or are you all too busy calculating the percentage of French content down to the second decimal point? Will you EVER remove that massive chip from your shoulder?

    • I suggest you go further west and thus, have the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience consisting in visiting the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and its friendly (not whining) inhabitants, sunk by the weight of your crap…

  78. Love Ben Heppner, but he was lip syncing along with everyone else, including Neil.

  79. The clown playing up ( or down :( ) the hydraulic dysfunction of the torch was a brilliant redemptive effort. I was thinking this is a great start to a great show. I was so full of expectations but it painfully devolved into a hodge podge of mediocrity which seemed to be the only acts which VANOC could get on a shoe string budget. Surely there is more culture here than the tired old steretypes which we seem only too happy to perpetuate. It was not a fitting end for a host country who also earned the most gold medals.
    Russia = World Class
    Canada = World Crass

  80. I thought all of the musical guests were terrible except for Neil Young, and Alanis was okay. No clue why we show the world who we are by having Nickelback, Simple Plan, Hedley and Avril Lavigne. It was the olympics, not the much music video awards – terrible. The national anthem was equally bad – this was a chance to have the whole stadium sing the anthem, but it was terrible.

    The humour, and everything else, was great.

  81. The Buble number in the closing ceremonies was fantastic..campy and fun. It's classic Buble. Just because women wear makeup doesn't warrant a "whore makeup" comment, bud. Get real.

  82. OK I know I am reading this late … but this was HILARIOUS! Mr. Coyne you are taking over from Scott Feschuck as the man at Maclean's that makes me laugh! Ha ha ha ha ….

  83. Thank you Andrew for sharing this commentary.

  84. I admired with your site a lot and i too believe that it will one of the best closing ceremonies ever.